Preliminary Enquiries and Treatment Planning for Regeneration Therapy with Bioidentical Hormones

A patient asks for details about a regenerative therapy with bioidentical hormones:

I am interested in a BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) and would like to get some information. Can I do the blood sampling for the hormonal status at my family doctor in advance and come to you already with the medical findings and results?

If all of the required blood tests are collected in advance and sent to us, treatment planning is easier and the hormonal regeneration treatment can be started after consultation in our office.

The treatment aim of a therapy with bioidentical hormones (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) is the replacement of deficient hormones. At the beginning of Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich a thorough examination of your hormonal status and state of health is necessary. Based on the results a customized therapy concept for our patients will be developed according to your individual needs.

Hormones are essential for our general well-being, our physical performance, and our vitality. All important functions of the body, including, for example, our immune system and our memory, need sufficient hormone levels that are in balance. As we age, our endocrine glands become weaker. Stress, multiple burdens, an exhausting lifestyle, and a bad diet speed up the decline of the glands’ capacity. Fatigue, loss of power, listlessness, as well as premature skin aging and hair loss are the results.

The treatment plan of Hormonal Regeneration® comprises the administration of bioidentical hormones in combination with certain dietary measures. In contrast to conventional hormone replacement therapy (HET), bioidentical hormones have the exact same chemical structure as our body’s own hormones. Unlike synthetic hormones, bioidentical hormones are not alien to the body. Hormonal Regeneration® differs from classic monotherapies, in which only one specific hormone is substituted, by restoring and balancing all major hormones.

Through Hormonal Regeneration® therapy our patients gain new energy, zest for life, inner calm, and harmony. Visible rejuvenation of the body and smoothing of wrinkles can be seen after some weeks of treatment. Flabby, weak tissue gets strengthened and hair gets stronger. Therapy duration is either 3 or 6 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days) and can be repeated if required.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

John Goodman: 50 Kilos Less, More Health in Return

Since the two U.S. cartoon producers Hanna and Barbera presented The Flintstones in the 60ies, those became the most popular TV cartoon series of the U.S. for many years. Not until 1997 The Simpsons had outstripped them. On the basis of the cult series a movie with human actors was produced in 1994, which has also been quite successful. U.S. actor and comedian John Goodman, who also made lasting impressions in other principal roles like in Blues Brothers or the hit series Roseanne – not least because of his constantly growing corpulence – was convincing in the role of Fred Flintstone here.

However, in his current movie Trumbo the 63-year-old actor shows himself very altered next to Helen Mirren. At his last public performances he sprang a surprise as he presented himself on the red carpet lean as never before. For many the former heavyweight was barely recognizable.

With the help of professionals the Golden Globe winner succeeded in losing as much as 50 kilos. “I was sick of being fat,” John admits. Moreover, he is now feeling happier and energetic, that’s why he has decided to get more health-conscious. We can only congratulate him on this change of mind, because overweight means great burden for anyone’s body. Joint problems such as osteoarthritis due to the permanent overload of joints, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic disorders like diabetes are only a few of many dangerous consequences of being overweight. Added to these are restrictions in everyday life and mental load.

After many years of being overweight it is a challenge to recover normal weight. Crash diets like they are propagated by many Hollywood stars or top models are not only detrimental to the health, but in the long term also almost always useless because of the yo-yo effect.

We do not know John’s “slimming plan”. According to reports he has changed his eating habits, left out alcohol and foods that are high in sugar and began with physical training. Whether John has undergone a liposuction in particularly pronounced problem zones like his belly or not will probably remain his secret, as well as whether excessive skin has been removed in a lifting surgery.

Is it actually possible to lose weight sustainably and in a way that is gentle to the body at the same time?

To reduce weight sustainably and in a healthy way we recommend a medically-supported weight loss. After a precise analysis of preliminary examination reports an individual therapy plan is created. The patient’s real needs, his or her current state of health, and the specific slimming aim are decisive parameters. Treatments plans include nutritional prescriptions, sportive actions, and, if necessary, also medical surgical procedures such as a liposuction with microcannulas.

It has proven as successful to always examine the hormone status in addition at the initial health check. In case of severe overweight hormonal imbalances which can make a weight loss much more difficult are very often present. If this is the case, a Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich (bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy, BHRT) can help to restore the hormone balance. As a consequence losing weight will be much easier.

When being overweight it often makes sense to start the medically-supported weight loss with a liposuction with microcannulas. At first sight it might sound surprising that this liposuction should stand at the beginning of the actual weight loss, but this is important for three reasons: Firstly, by the means of liposuction particular unwelcome problem zones, which are especially persistent and which resist diet and training, can be pre-shaped. Secondly, with the help of liposuction fat depots can be reduced, which are able to produce the female hormone estrogen that in turn promotes further fat storage. And thirdly a liposuction reduces the risk of hanging skin developing after a heavy weight loss.

John Goodman has worked hard for his desired weight and has won vitality as a side effect. He now feels obviously more comfortable in his “new” body. We say: Respect and thumbs up for this – in the full sense of the word – strong performance. Fred’s shout of joy “Yabba Dabba Doo!” would be appropriate for John too.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Kim Kardashian: Is Rapper West Really Father of Her Daughter?

Everybody knows the curvy Kim Kardashian, the American it-girl with the famous backside who unfolds her own and her family’s life on TV. Millions of viewers follow Kim’s spectacular everyday life in the reality TV soap Keeping Up with the Kardashians daily and watch the family, mainly consisting of women living up a life full of luxury. But not only Kim is seeking the limelight, doing many things for that: Her stepfather’s gender reassignment from Bruce to Catilyn Jenner outshone Kim a little bit for a short time.

But it wouldn’t be Kim if she wouldn’t rank first in the media attention again as soon as possible: Only recently rumor had it that her husband and rapper Kanye West would not be the father of her two-year-old daughter North. Accusations which she does not even like to comment on, but which arrive at the right moment because thereby she is gaining more interest of the media. Nobody wants to imply Kim conceived her daughter North from anyone else to play herself in the foreground, but the presumption that she gave currency to the rumor by her PR consultant cannot quite be dismissed.

Anyway, the fancy 35-year-old wraps herself in silence noisily and instead gives away her beauty secrets to her fans, for example, by which means she is retaining her skin flawless.

Also Kim knows that already from the 25th year of life skin is losing its natural regenerative power and therefore the aging process is insidiously starting at the early age. Many celebrities readily reach for artificial fillers to replace lost volume. Despite frozen faces, which made for example shudder Nicole Kidman’s and René Zellweger’s fans, botox, a neurotoxin, is alleged to be a wonder weapon against aging because it paralyzes facial muscles and therefore prevents the development of wrinkles.

It’s a widespread misconception that those treatments would reverse skin aging and even have a preventive effect against aging. Far wrong – wrinkles and volume loss are only outer “symptoms”; the underlying cause of skin aging is actually the lack of regenerative capacity of subcutaneous tissue.

Kim wants to tackle the problem at source and is laudably turning to natural methods for skin and facial regeneration – her favorite: The so-called “vampire lifting”, which is also known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP). In the course of this treatment a small sample of blood is taken from the patient. It contains valuable so-called thrombocytes, which unfold a considerable regenerating and therefore rejuvenating effect in the areas treated. When inserting the autologous thrombocytes into the skin, subcutaneous tissue is regenerating with the (side) effect that the skin surface is getting tighter and soggier like in early ages. The complexion is getting more rosy and radiant, lines are smoothed out, and small wrinkles disappear. Similar results can be achieved through the administration of so-called growth factors.

A further method to support the body’s own regenerative power from within is the daily intake of Perfect Skin Beauty Drink by DDr. Heinrich®. It includes all those substances which are needed for skin regeneration and a fresh appearance, namely a special blend of peptides and amino acids and natural hyaluronic acid. With increasing age the body is producing less and less of these substances, skin is not regenerating anymore like in former times and it loses elasticity and strength, wrinkles develop. Perfect Skin Beauty Drink by DDr. Heinrich® supplies the body with substances essential for skin regeneration and leads to more resilience and freshness.

For women with mature skin who are already marked by deeper wrinkles a facial rejuvenation with the body’s own stem cells, which are obtained from the patients autologous fat, is advisable. Their regenerating potential enables a completely natural and non-invasive facial rejuvenation, making artificial symptom treatments outdated.

It remains to be hoped that Kim continues counting on natural methods of facial rejuvenation. Otherwise she would probably receive the desired media attention, perhaps for mummy-like appearance owing to botox or facelift. Without imputing her anything, referring to the development of the above-mentioned PR story it should be noted that there are more fortunate possibilities to tilt oneself medially forward, says

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Heidi Montag: How Did She Benefit from 10 Beauty Surgeries with 23?

Through her participation in several reality shows the 27-year-old TV star Heidi Montag keeps herself in the spotlight of the lower class prominence where the blonde seems to feel eminently comfortable alongside her husband Spencer Pratt. With separations, sex scandals, and cat fights the couple accomplished to uphold the public’s attention during their period in Laguna Beach, The Jungle Camp, The Hills, Big Brother UK, etc. continuously.

In 2010 the extrovert American still stood at the beginning of her career and so she had to reach for drastic measures to be noticed: Thus she surprised her fans with a beauty marathon: In just one day the reality TV performer underwent in total 10 different beauty surgeries. Among other treatments her already augmented breasts were upgraded to F cup, her nose and chin were narrowed, her ears folded back, on her thighs, neck and waist she got a liposuction, and in the cheek area and at her lips autologous fat injections were carried out.

After the interventions then 23-year-old Heidi stated that she is finally feeling comfortable in her body and revealed towards the People Magazine that in former times she was only the boring buddy type alongside her The Hills co-performer Lauren. With her new body she is now feeling sexy and is able to present herself for the first time truly self-confident in the public.

However, her euphoria only lasted for a short time. After her first pleasure about her newly gained “perfect” body, disappointment was following. The blonde American couldn’t live a normal life anymore because her body was overloaded enormously owing to the numerous surgeries. Partially Heidi was feeling “like a monster” and was physically weakened severely. In addition, psychological pressure was arising due to the critical attitude on the part of her family and many fans regarding her “optimization”. After Heidi Montag’s breast as well caused health problems and back pain, she decided to reduce her cup size from F to C in October 2015.

Fortunately not all women who strive for a breast augmentation expect to come from a B cup to F cup, which would of course require artificial implants. In case of normal expectations of about 1 to 2 cup sizes there are more gentle alternatives in which the usage of scalpel, silicone, and general anesthesia can be avoided to optimize and regenerate the body in an extra gentle way.

In breast augmentation with autologous fat and stem cells we put special value on naturalness. The breast is augmented with the body’s own fat, which is harvested gently in manual work with real microcannulas. Scalpels are superfluous in that kind of method, so no unpleasant scars develop. When the harvested body fat is enriched with autologous stem cells before injecting it into the breast, results which last especially in the long-term can be achieved.

Autologous fat used for the breast augmentation (lipofilling) has significantly less weight than silicone implants, so Heidi’s back would be relieved and she would likely not suffer from back pain any longer. The procedure is performed in a way that is as gentle as possible to the body on an outpatient basis and solely under local anesthesia.

Something else referring to Heidi’s surgery marathon: Performing 10 beauty surgeries on one day is medically questionable and certainly not recommendable. If the motive is thus in the first instance to get into media, it doesn’t make the case less alarming.

But what doesn’t a star do for attracting the spotlight’s attention and making career, not only in Hollywood.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Jennifer Lopez: Only Against Beauty Surgeries on Twitter?

The American singer Jennifer Lopez originating from Puerto Rico is steadily holding herself in the charts on top ranking positions with her music for more than ten years. Also as an actress she frequently gets hold of new roles and in the meanwhile she has already achieved a name recognition which is hardly to top. Thus she was engaged to help co-creating the official World Cup song for the FIFA. In the corresponding video Lopez is singing alongside U.S. rapper Pitbull and Brazilian pop icon Claudia Leite, surrounded by samba dancers, as is usual in the carnival of Rio.

What didn’t her fans or the media comment on her – at first her striking opulent curves, then gossip about relationship problems with her 17-year-younger “toyboy” Casper Smart, and recently her twitter comments in which she clearly comes out against beauty surgeries, are on everybody’s lips.

In that regard it is remarkable that – as reported by the magazine Woman – the Latina’s face recently seemed tight and almost petrified at a gala event. And this nurtured her fans’ curiosity whether Jennifer Lopez does really get her figure, her complexion, and her smooth skin only through sports and nutrition or if there is though a little art behind it. Jennifer to this: “With frequent training you get a firm bottom. Anyway, you get a handle on your weight and your complexion with the help of sports and healthy nutrition.” In addition she said beauty surgery would be out of question for her, simply because she would fear that she doesn’t wake up again from the general anesthesia or that she can’t recognize herself anymore.

That is very comprehensible and understandable. As you know as a frequent reader of my blog I refuse general anesthesia in aesthetic treatments due to safety reasons. Local anesthesia is to prefer in any case.

Jennifer is right in waiving invasive methods of the plastic surgery and the risk of a general anesthesia. She could also avoid Botox and the associated frozen look and revitalize her face and skin with her body’s own stem cells.

Stem cells extracted from the body’s own (autologous) fat – contrary to other fillers – possess a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect. To obtain these cells we take a small amount of fat from the patient’s fat deposits. Then autologous stem cells are extracted from the fat and injected into the areas concerned, where they can show their effect and are able to regenerate skin as well as subcutaneous tissue.

Growth factors isolated from blood plasma (PRP, vampire lifting) as well as synthetic growth factors from skin cells can also be used to regenerate skin in the fight against wrinkles. For this purpose growth factors are injected into the affected main area by the means of microneedles.

In addition to a therapy with autologous stem cells or growth factors it makes sense to support the body with bioidentical hormones (Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich) in Jennifers age. This therapy is aimed at the compensation of hormonal deficiencies to rejuvenate the body from the inside out and to revitalize it.

Whatever – Jennifer will outplay her younger “toyboys” with her appearance, her curves, and her body awareness for a long time.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

How Are the Body’s Own Stem Cells from Fat Able to Help Athletes Suffering from Joint Problems?

Top athletes have long known it: Stem cells from the body’s own fat can help in osteoarthritis and other joint problems after sports injuries.

First of all a small amount of body fat is harvested through liposuction. Within the same treatment immediately after liposuction the body’s own stem cells contained in the fat are separated and injected into the region of the joint to be treated.

But why are treatments with autologous stem cells able to improve joint pain and mobility, partly even after a very short time?

According to current scientific knowledge the mechanism of the body’s own stem cells is as follows:

Stem cells release cytokines (cell hormones), which on one hand stop the immune system to remove damaged cartilage, and on the other hand stimulate local cells to regenerate cartilage.

The potential of therapies with autologous stem cells is considered enormous. Globally, the possible benefits of stem cells in the treatment of heart diseases, diabetes, joint disorders, neurological and endocrine diseases, and other degenerative processes is explored. Even with diseases that are not treatable with established treatments, one hopes for stem cell therapy.

For further information or arranging of an appointment we are gladly at your disposal.

Your Team at Clinic DDr. Heinrich®

Is It Possible to Prevent Cancer in a “Natural Way”?

Even the well-known ancient doctor Galen was familiar with the increased presence of cancer from a certain age on, compared to young people. There are many theories about why malignant cell degeneration occurs more often with increasing age. Probably there are many reasons for that, which somehow have all to do with the aging of organ cells as well as aging of our body’s own immune defense. Aging processes are an expression of continuous damages to the genetic material, which are repaired in a less and less efficient way. These damages make organs more liable for pathological alterations, such as cancer.

For many years now there is the presumption that a reduced supply of organs as consequence of age-related weakened hormonal glands has to do with the higher morbidity of organs, including cancer. This also applies to the “organ” immune system: It becomes weaker and doesn’t fight against malignant cells as efficient as it did in its youth.

Can we prevent that? The following strategies seem to be useful: Regeneration therapies, which effect a certain “rejuvenation” of organ cells, as well as direct stimulation of the immune system.

As a reader of my blog you know that there are different approaches to regenerate the body. I want to pick out some of them:

Hormonal Regeneration: Here it is necessary to ensure that bioidentical hormones are used in physiological, coordinated low dose, so the body “machinery” is running optimally. We rather advise you against monotherapies. If only one hormone is given (such as in menopause therapies, where often synthetic estrogen is used) our body could incur into imbalance, whereby general morbidity, such as for cancer, may increase. Too high dosages, such as in doping, are counterproductive in the same way. Only for the treatment of (sport) injuries and very high strain the specialized doctor can administer higher doses of certain hormones (growth hormone, cortisol, testosterone) for a short period of time.

Therapies with mesenchymal stem cells: For this therapy the body’s own stem cells or donated stem cells in case of older and weakened patients come into consideration. These stem cells directly show their effect in damaged organs and can also be used for prevention.

Therapies with regenerative substances, known from traditional medicine: These include such extracts from animal organs (e.g., placenta, thymus), like they were injected as fresh cell therapy in former times, but nowadays are simply taken in in most cases. In addition, extracts from the fungus and plant world such as cordiceps, reishi, or ginseng.

By stimulating the immune system by means of certain substances (known are mistletoe extracts) and physical measurements (in particular warmth) the immune reaction is improved, which leads to the killing of cancer cells.

The famous scientist and mythic Rudolf Steiner recognized the cancer-curing potential of the mistletoe and warmth in an original kind of way: According to his magic world view all the things in the universe are energetically connected with each other and imply similarities by commonalities which we can use to heal: Thus the mistletoe plant, acting as parasite on a tree, behaves similarly to a cancer in a body; because of the claim that “equal heals equal” it can be used for cancer therapy. According to Steiner cancer diseases are (as the animal crayfish) attached to moisture and coolness, wherefore heat (fever) can fight against them.

From a modern medical perspective it can be determined that fever in fact kills cancer cells. Mistletoe extract acts stimulating on the immune system in general and can even cause artificial fever when highly dosed. Thus it is proper for the treatment of existing cancer, but as well especially for prevention. What can also be recommended (and doesn’t cost anything) is a 24 hours fasting cure once to three times a week, whereby damaged cells and their waste products are digested by the body per “autophagy”.

What is resulting from that? From the age of about 40 years on people should take regeneration treatments with stem cells and bioidentical hormones into consideration, as well as a stimulation of his or her immune system, for example by doing a fever cure with mistletoe extract, which prunes the organism of cancer cells.

In addition, we earn the pleasant side effect that we can preserve a vital, more youthful appearance by the means of so-called regenerative therapies, completely without cosmetic surgery.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Breast Reconstruction with Autologous Fat and Stem Cells Is Proven as Secure Method

US study provides evidence for the safety of autologous fat transfer (lipofilling) in breast reconstruction after breast cancer

Vienna (2016-05-10) — Up to now women who suffered from form deviations after tumor removal for breast cancer treatment mostly have had silicone implants inserted for breast reconstruction reasons. A breast reconstruction with the body’s own fat and stem cells is an alternative which can do without implanted foreign body and further scars and enables a natural result. Now a study published in the February issue of the US medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery confirms the safety of breast reconstruction with body fat.

“With stem cell-enriched autologous fat the desire of many women concerned to have a natural breast reconstructed in a rapid and gentle way after a weathered tumor removal can be fulfilled,” says DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, physician from Vienna who is working in the field of aesthetic surgery and regenerative medicine. In his Clinic DDr. Heinrich® stem cell-enriched autologous fat is also used for correction of breast asymmetries, breast construction after removal of silicone implants, and breast augmentation.

In the US study more than 1,000 cases of partial or total breast removals (719 breasts due to breast cancer, 305 healthy breasts of patients with benign diseases or a higher genetic risk to develop breast cancer) and subsequent breast reconstruction with autologous fat were compared to a group of women in which breast reconstruction with autologous fat after cancer-related breast removal did not take place (670 breasts). The average follow-up period of patients with breast reconstruction with autologous fat after removal of the breast due to breast cancer was 60 months.

The pleasant result: Breast reconstruction with autologous fat does not have an influence on the frequency of reoccurrence of the cancerous disease. Thus the study is a further proof for the safety of autologous fat transfer into the breast.

DDr. Heinrich describes the process performed in his clinic as follows: The body fat needed for the breast reconstruction with autologous fat and stem cells is obtained by a tissue-conserving liposuction, which is performed in precise handwork using microcannulas. Immediately afterwards the autologous fat is either injected directly or after stem cell enrichment into the breast region to be reconstructed. The entire procedure takes place on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia. Thus both the hospitalization and the risks of a general anesthesia, which are commonly needed in case of breast reconstruction with silicone implants, are eliminated. Depending on the initial situation several interventions can be required for an optimal result.

Experiences from Japan where this technique was originally developed and used and investigated for years are showing how satisfied women concerned are with the result of a breast reconstruction with stem cell-enriched autologous fat (Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer, CAL). According to the local study leader the satisfaction rate is around 87 percent after a ten-year observation period.

Stem cell-enriched autologous fat is a natural and safe filling material which is besides breast shaping also suitable for an optimization of the body silhouette of the buttock, hips, thighs, and calves, as well as for skin regeneration in facial or other body areas. Even dents after liposuction or tissue defects after accidents and surgeries can be corrected with stem cell-enriched autologous fat.

Further information:

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Did Miranda Kerr Want to Win Back Her “Ex” Orlando Bloom by Breast Augmentation?

For many women and men Miranda Kerr is the epitome of a beautiful, young woman. Successfully she is running for the most popular designers, moreover she has already secured big campaigns of Reebok and H&M and at the latest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows she had all eyes on her. It is known that only the most beautiful of all are under contract with Victoria’s Secret and besides Miranda also Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio are shining.

We can easily imagine that the 32-year-old top model turns the photographers and paparazzi’s heads frequently. Endless long legs, a perfect complexion, not a gram too much and a smile that couldn’t be more enchanting.

However, Miranda has never had a particularly big breast and she didn’t make a secret about that. Why not – for every woman another type of breast fits well and tall slim women often have a rather small breast from nature, which can look perfect.

But if we believe various boulevard magazines such as Cosmopolitan or if taking a closer look, it seems that somebody recently had had a hand in Miranda. So she was shining at the after show party on the occasion of the Oscar awards with long, elegant gown and a neckline, which allowed deep insights and showed firm hills. Since that day the gossip factory is working overtime: Is that real or did someone give a helping hand?

In any case, the model’s management vehemently denies that Miranda underwent a breast augmentation. But fans and media cannot be convinced that easily – anyhow, there are only two possibilities for such an increase of breast volume in adult females. Either the breast became bigger resulting from a general weight gain or breast volume was added in a natural way. Because the former can obviously be waived for Miranda and her model measurements, only the visit of a “beauty doc” remains.

Rumor mill runs hot and many wonder what could be the motivation for Miranda’s breast augmentation. Malicious tongues claim that she wanted to win back her ex-husband Orlando Bloom with a bigger breast – so the supposition of As a reader of my blog you know that this normally doesn’t work because for us men breast size has minor importance for maintaining a relationship. It was more likely rather about her female self-esteem and a long-held desire.

Perhaps after breastfeeding her son Flynn she simply wasn’t satisfied anymore with her breast.

Breast augmentations can happen in different kind of ways. Patients who do especially put value on naturalness often refuse artificial silicone implants and prefer autologous fat as autologous filler. By means of breast augmentation with the body’s own fat and stem cells such real-looking results can be achieved – not even experienced doctors are able to recognize that the procedure was performed in hindsight. Hence it is well possible that Miranda Kerr had decided for this gentle and scar-free type of treatment to increase her breast volume without hazarding the unpleasant side effects of silicone implants, such as scars.

In breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat, an enhanced form of common autologous fat transfer, autologous fat tissue is gently harvested with microcannulas and refined in a complex procedure before injecting it into the breast. For liposuction, which is necessary to obtain the fat, we exclusively use microcannulas; it is performed under local anesthesia in precise handwork without tissue-straining mechanical suction machines.

After a breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat the breast looks absolutely natural in every position, as well as in movement. Even the aftercare is much easier than with implants. Because we don’t use a scalpel for our method in contrast to implant surgeries there are typically no scars developing, which act as evidence in case silicone implants are used for breast enlargement. In particular for a model such scars could be disturbing at the next bikini shooting and maybe even cost the one or other job.

However, regardless of that: If Miranda has actually decided for a breast augmentation she has hopefully chosen the most body-conserving method without unattractive scars. Then her manager could continue to assert that everything is “natural”, and it would be difficult to prove that Miranda cheated a bit by improving her beauty by surgery.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Kate Upton: Natural Breast Instead of Silicone for Hollywood

Everyone who doesn’t yet know the bikini and lingerie model Kate Upton from diverse magazine covers is now able to get to know her owing to her push to Hollywood. In the movie The Other Woman she played one of three women who want to take revenge together on a man, who duped them all, alongside Cameron Diaz.

As cast for the seductive lover of the male principle role the script demanded a young woman with a natural, well-rounded breast, and so it suggested itself to cast Kate Upton with her large breast size. Kate is in her early twenties and has already grabbed numerous model jobs throughout her relatively short career, of which most of the others in her business can only dream of. Her biggest success was to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated twice consecutively. Last year she had to pose in the Arctic only wearing a bikini and made a good figure there despite degrees below zero.

And although she is envied by many women for her full breast Kate tells the journalists of the Huffington Post that she sometimes feels quite insecure in the movie and fashion world in spite of her impeccable curves: “I think we all have our insecurities some days and we’re really good other days. We feel good together, we feel like huge messes and so y’know, when someone’s like ‘oh wow, your butt looks great,’ they’re saying: ‘wow, they’re working out, they’re doing something!’ and it feels good.”

If you see Kate smiling from the screen or a poster, it feels hard to believe that. Actually, many women wish for a comparable breast, which should look that natural too. With a breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat this desire doesn’t have to remain unfulfilled. This gentle method dispenses with the need for scalpel and visible scars and the natural function of the breast is preserved.

Thereby as a first step body fat is drained off in precise manual work without suction engines. Mostly the liposuction is performed with microcannulas in the areas around the buttocks, hips, and thighs, whereby at the same time the body form is optimized. After the enrichment of fat with the body’s own stem cells it is gently injected into the breast. All steps take place under local anesthesia. In the context of the treatment an augmentation of about one cup size is usually possible.

This method is proper for women who have always wished for a bigger breast like Kate Upton, as well as for those who have lost originally existing breast volume, for example due to breastfeeding or weight loss. Because implanted foreign bodies are entirely waived the breast looks absolutely “real”, whether in lying, sitting, or in movement, and does also feel natural.

Kate Upton’s bikini in The Other Woman fits so well that Carly, played by Cameron Diaz, even thinks it has been specially manufactured for her. The blonde Kate didn’t become bikini model for nothing! Currently she is looking forward to her next assignment of Sport Illustrated and is probably happy that she is now shooting on the beach in tropical temperatures instead of the eternal ice.

DDr. Heinrich, MD