Heidi Montag: How Did She Benefit from 10 Beauty Surgeries with 23?

Through her participation in several reality shows the 27-year-old TV star Heidi Montag keeps herself in the spotlight of the lower class prominence where the blonde seems to feel eminently comfortable alongside her husband Spencer Pratt. With separations, sex scandals, and cat fights the couple accomplished to uphold the public’s attention during their period in Laguna Beach, The Jungle Camp, The Hills, Big Brother UK, etc. continuously.

In 2010 the extrovert American still stood at the beginning of her career and so she had to reach for drastic measures to be noticed: Thus she surprised her fans with a beauty marathon: In just one day the reality TV performer underwent in total 10 different beauty surgeries. Among other treatments her already augmented breasts were upgraded to F cup, her nose and chin were narrowed, her ears folded back, on her thighs, neck and waist she got a liposuction, and in the cheek area and at her lips autologous fat injections were carried out.

After the interventions then 23-year-old Heidi stated that she is finally feeling comfortable in her body and revealed towards the People Magazine that in former times she was only the boring buddy type alongside her The Hills co-performer Lauren. With her new body she is now feeling sexy and is able to present herself for the first time truly self-confident in the public.

However, her euphoria only lasted for a short time. After her first pleasure about her newly gained “perfect” body, disappointment was following. The blonde American couldn’t live a normal life anymore because her body was overloaded enormously owing to the numerous surgeries. Partially Heidi was feeling “like a monster” and was physically weakened severely. In addition, psychological pressure was arising due to the critical attitude on the part of her family and many fans regarding her “optimization”. After Heidi Montag’s breast as well caused health problems and back pain, she decided to reduce her cup size from F to C in October 2015.

Fortunately not all women who strive for a breast augmentation expect to come from a B cup to F cup, which would of course require artificial implants. In case of normal expectations of about 1 to 2 cup sizes there are more gentle alternatives in which the usage of scalpel, silicone, and general anesthesia can be avoided to optimize and regenerate the body in an extra gentle way.

In breast augmentation with autologous fat and stem cells we put special value on naturalness. The breast is augmented with the body’s own fat, which is harvested gently in manual work with real microcannulas. Scalpels are superfluous in that kind of method, so no unpleasant scars develop. When the harvested body fat is enriched with autologous stem cells before injecting it into the breast, results which last especially in the long-term can be achieved.

Autologous fat used for the breast augmentation (lipofilling) has significantly less weight than silicone implants, so Heidi’s back would be relieved and she would likely not suffer from back pain any longer. The procedure is performed in a way that is as gentle as possible to the body on an outpatient basis and solely under local anesthesia.

Something else referring to Heidi’s surgery marathon: Performing 10 beauty surgeries on one day is medically questionable and certainly not recommendable. If the motive is thus in the first instance to get into media, it doesn’t make the case less alarming.

But what doesn’t a star do for attracting the spotlight’s attention and making career, not only in Hollywood.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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