stadtlandzeitung: Success: “Finally I Can Do Sports Again!”

Treatment of osteoarthritis and damaged joints with stem cells from body fat.

Just a few months ago, the prominent owner of the hairdresser OSSIG, Karl “Charly” Josef Plasil, could barely climb stairs, walk, or do sports because of pain in the knee joint. He did not want to accept this situation any longer. In the meantime, he is cycling and skiing again and is walking quickly on foot – thanks to a knee treatment with stem cells from his own body fat.

Physical activity has always been an essential part of Charly Plasil’s life, whether he is styling his celebrity customers together with his team in his salon OSSIG hairstyle & beauty, or when he pursues his favorite leisure activity, sports.

After years of sporting, however, joint pain suddenly arose. Charly Plasil could not move as well as before, because his knee hurt. He also increasingly faced problems when climbing stairs. “To live without sports was very stressful for me. More importantly, however, I always wanted to give my customers the best possible quality in haircutting and hairstyles. And a perfect haircut requires optimal mobility from the hairdresser, in addition to talent and good training,” Charly Plasil looks back. “I know DDr. Heinrich for years and learned about the new treatment with stem cells from my own body fat. Therein I saw a way to be able to move my knee again without pain, without an artificial joint, and without general anesthesia. That aroused my interest.”

The Viennese doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich is active in the field of regenerative and aesthetic medicine. For years, he has been dealing with body fat and its benefits for health and beauty. In addition to the application for breast augmentation, body fat and its components also play an important role in the regeneration of damaged body tissue. The regenerative potential of the “mesenchymal stem cells” or “stromal vascular fraction”, which are abundantly contained in fat tissue, has now been proven by a number of studies.

“Stem cells from fat tissue have anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects in the body. In the treatment of joint diseases with stem cells, medicine makes use of this natural healing mechanism of the body,” explains DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich. After a detailed assessment of his complaints, Charly Plasil was comprehensively informed about the treatment method, the course of the planned procedure, the necessary preliminary examinations, and the aftercare by DDr. Heinrich. Optimally prepared, he eagerly looked forward to the day of the treatment.

Under local anesthesia, first a small amount of fat was obtained. Mesenchymal stem cells were separated from this body fat during the surgery and immediately thereafter injected into the region of the affected knee joint. “Generally, the therapy can be performed on all joints, i.e., the knee, hip, hands, or fingers,” explains DDr. Heinrich.
“About three weeks after the treatment, the pain subsided and I was able to move better. Now I’m completely free of pain in the knee and fully mobile as before! This means that I can even do the most demanding haircuts again,” Charly Plasil is delighted by the results of his stem cell treatment. “Recovered mobility means a huge gain in quality of life for me,” says Charly Plasil.

DDr. Heinrich is pleased with the recovery and treatment success of his patient too. “The fat stem cells obviously stimulate the regeneration of the cartilage in the damaged joint and help the body to remedy the cause of joint problems,” says DDr. Heinrich. This could spare many patients surgical procedures under general anesthesia, artificial joints, as well as the associated long healing period and the elaborate rehabilitation.

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