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Salzburger Nachrichten: Stem Cells from Fat Can Help in Osteoarthritis

Studies and experience reports show that the joints hurt less after the treatment. Vienna. Two out of three people over 65 are affected by osteoarthritis. Many younger people also suffer from joint problems, e.g., after sports injuries. Until now, medicine has only been able to treat symptoms such as pain and immobility. In order to […]

Breast Reconstruction with Autologous Fat and Stem Cells Is Proven as Secure Method

US study provides evidence for the safety of autologous fat transfer (lipofilling) in breast reconstruction after breast cancer Vienna (2016-05-10) — Up to now women who suffered from form deviations after tumor removal for breast cancer treatment mostly have had silicone implants inserted for breast reconstruction reasons. A breast reconstruction with the body’s own fat […]

Thick Eyebrows and Full Hair with Growth Factors and Stem Cells

Bushy brows à la Cara Delevingne: Treatment with growth factors and stem cells stimulates hair growth Vienna (2015-11-18) — Up to now it was considered to be particularly feminine to pluck eyebrows and keep them as thin as possible. Now top model Cara Delevingne sets a trend with her bushy eyebrows. Those who plucked their […]

Vasopressin: The Hormone Against Wrinkles and Dry Skin

Vienna (2014-12-02) — Is there a hormone which is able to smooth out wrinkles? According to the Viennese doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich there is one: “The hormone has been known for some time and is called vasopressin. It is responsible for the regulation of our skin’s fluid balance. If one has too little of it, like […]

Stem Cells – Medicine of the Future?

Researchers see great therapeutic potential for stem cells obtained from fat tissue Vienna (2013-12-04) — Stem cells obtained from harvested fat apparently have an almost inexhaustible potential for therapeutic applications: The treatment of joint problems and arthritis with stem cells from autologous fat is currently the subject of a study being carried out in Germany […]

Do stem cells gained from fat heal arthritis and damaged joints?

Call to participate in internal application observation on therapy using stem cells for damaged cartilage and deteriorated joints Vienna (2013-05-07) — The treatment of damaged cartilage and arthritis using stem cells from autologous fat is the object of a study currently being conducted in Germany and France. First results recently published sound promising: Patients treated […]

Can autologous fat stem cells cure joint deterioration?

Call to participate in internal application observation on joint treatment using stem cells from autologous fat Vienna (2012-11-10) — For several years, Vienna-based Clinic DDr. Heinrich® has offered esthetic treatment using autologous fat stem cells. Stem cells obtained from extracted fat tissue are successfully used for breast augmentation, facelifts, and skin rejuvenation. An internal application observation […]

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation a Safe Alternative to Silicone

Stem cell-enriched autologous fat enables sustainable breast augmentation with autologous tissue Vienna (2012-01-10) — It was in all the media: For years a French company has been selling defective silicone implants that often rupture and may cause cancer. More than 100,000 women worldwide must now choose between having their implants removed as a precaution or […]

Stem cells – revolutionizing cosmetic surgery

Experts meet at ICAS Conference in Istanbul Vienna (2011-06-28) — Esthetic therapies with stem cells from autologous fat are revolutionizing cosmetic surgery: Ever more women prefer breast augmentations with autologous stem cells over silicone implants. The world’s leading experts recently met at the ICAS (International Cell Assisted Surgery) Conference in Istanbul to discuss the therapeutic […]