Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy (Advanced Therapy)

The body’s own (autologous) stem cells hardly age at all and they have the capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate the body’s organs and tissues. This has been known for years, and these findings are being increasingly used in the treatment of degenerative and chronic diseases as well as in aesthetic medicine worldwide. Fat tissue is the body’s most important “storehouse” of these valuable cells. The density of stem cells is much higher in fat tissue than, for example, in bone marrow.

Regeneration with the Body’s Own Resources

People frequently ask the question why stem cells can be used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases. Patients ask us, can stem cells help in osteoarthritis, can stem cells help in circulatory disorders, or quite generally, in which illnesses can stem cells provide a remedy and is it possible to stop the aging process with stem cells?

Many seemingly different diseases have the same underlying disease mechanism. Due to tissue damage an excessive reaction of the immune system against defective cells (so-called autoimmune reaction) occurs. Subsequently the immune system destroys defective cells, a degenerative process starts. Stem cells (so-called “mesenchymal stem cells”) hold the potential to suppress this overreaction of the body, while stimulating the body’s own regeneration of concerned cells, tissues, and organs at the same time.

That is why stem cell therapies with autologous, mesenchymal stem cells help in different diseases, which at first glance do not have anything in common. Such as in joint diseases like osteoarthritis, circulatory disorders, heart diseases, diabetes, diseases of the nervous system, of organs and hormonal glands, as well as many other chronic and degenerative diseases. Owing to the regenerative potential these treatments are also suitable for skin rejuvenation, for the improvement of wound healing, e.g., in sports injuries, and for the stimulation of new hair growth in sparse hair.

After extensive searches on the Internet we decided to go for stem cell therapy and found this clinic in Vienna. Everything worked smoothly. The communication and everything else. Appointment, phone conversations, and e-mail contact. Everything was great. We had stem cell treatment only three days ago and have very high hopes, but we know very well that this disease cannot be cured, but with some luck maybe it can be stopped or the condition can be improved. Thanks to this great team. Here you are in the best hands.

The underlying effect mechanism of autologous stem cells is a natural process that occurs inside the human body in any injury, such as a bone fracture. When supplying certain body regions with stem cells in a targeted way in the scope of a stem cell therapy, the body’s healing process is promoted by even more stem cells supporting the body area requiring regeneration in its recovery.

Procedure of a Stem Cell Therapy

A regenerative stem cell therapy requires the harvesting of a small amount of fat. Afterwards stem cells are isolated therefrom and injected after appropriate processing. Due to the big amount of stem cells in fatty tissue it is not necessary to artificially reproduce stem cells in the laboratory. After procurement and isolation of stem cells they can be administered immediately.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia. The therapeutic effect generally begins several weeks after the application. Any further treatment can be carried out several months later at the earliest, depending of the improvement achieved. Check-ups after surgery are scheduled on an individual basis.

Please note that no guarantees can be given in medicine generally; this also and especially applies to new types of treatment such as stem cell therapy. Although we carry out your surgery with the greatest care and have achieved excellent results in part with stem cell treatment, adult stem cells are not a universal remedy.

Further information about stem cell therapies

This page serves the purpose of information only and is not to be understood as medical advice. We would like to expressly point out that a cure cannot be guaranteed. Stem cell therapy is an advanced procedure, which has only recently been applied worldwide and for which the long-term studies and reliable documentation on successes, risks and side effects required for a recognized procedure are not yet available.

The legislation on stem cell therapies and conducting of new therapies varies from country to country worldwide. In our clinic in Austria we only carry out the treatments permitted under the applicable legal situation. For other treatments we have worldwide contacts in our cooperation network and can support the selection of specialized medical facilities abroad.