Kim Kardashian: Is Rapper West Really Father of Her Daughter?

Everybody knows the curvy Kim Kardashian, the American it-girl with the famous backside who unfolds her own and her family’s life on TV. Millions of viewers follow Kim’s spectacular everyday life in the reality TV soap Keeping Up with the Kardashians daily and watch the family, mainly consisting of women living up a life full of luxury. But not only Kim is seeking the limelight, doing many things for that: Her stepfather’s gender reassignment from Bruce to Catilyn Jenner outshone Kim a little bit for a short time.

But it wouldn’t be Kim if she wouldn’t rank first in the media attention again as soon as possible: Only recently rumor had it that her husband and rapper Kanye West would not be the father of her two-year-old daughter North. Accusations which she does not even like to comment on, but which arrive at the right moment because thereby she is gaining more interest of the media. Nobody wants to imply Kim conceived her daughter North from anyone else to play herself in the foreground, but the presumption that she gave currency to the rumor by her PR consultant cannot quite be dismissed.

Anyway, the fancy 35-year-old wraps herself in silence noisily and instead gives away her beauty secrets to her fans, for example, by which means she is retaining her skin flawless.

Also Kim knows that already from the 25th year of life skin is losing its natural regenerative power and therefore the aging process is insidiously starting at the early age. Many celebrities readily reach for artificial fillers to replace lost volume. Despite frozen faces, which made for example shudder Nicole Kidman’s and René Zellweger’s fans, botox, a neurotoxin, is alleged to be a wonder weapon against aging because it paralyzes facial muscles and therefore prevents the development of wrinkles.

It’s a widespread misconception that those treatments would reverse skin aging and even have a preventive effect against aging. Far wrong – wrinkles and volume loss are only outer “symptoms”; the underlying cause of skin aging is actually the lack of regenerative capacity of subcutaneous tissue.

Kim wants to tackle the problem at source and is laudably turning to natural methods for skin and facial regeneration – her favorite: The so-called “vampire lifting”, which is also known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP). In the course of this treatment a small sample of blood is taken from the patient. It contains valuable so-called thrombocytes, which unfold a considerable regenerating and therefore rejuvenating effect in the areas treated. When inserting the autologous thrombocytes into the skin, subcutaneous tissue is regenerating with the (side) effect that the skin surface is getting tighter and soggier like in early ages. The complexion is getting more rosy and radiant, lines are smoothed out, and small wrinkles disappear. Similar results can be achieved through the administration of so-called growth factors.

A further method to support the body’s own regenerative power from within is the daily intake of Perfect Skin Beauty Drink by DDr. Heinrich®. It includes all those substances which are needed for skin regeneration and a fresh appearance, namely a special blend of peptides and amino acids and natural hyaluronic acid. With increasing age the body is producing less and less of these substances, skin is not regenerating anymore like in former times and it loses elasticity and strength, wrinkles develop. Perfect Skin Beauty Drink by DDr. Heinrich® supplies the body with substances essential for skin regeneration and leads to more resilience and freshness.

For women with mature skin who are already marked by deeper wrinkles a facial rejuvenation with the body’s own stem cells, which are obtained from the patients autologous fat, is advisable. Their regenerating potential enables a completely natural and non-invasive facial rejuvenation, making artificial symptom treatments outdated.

It remains to be hoped that Kim continues counting on natural methods of facial rejuvenation. Otherwise she would probably receive the desired media attention, perhaps for mummy-like appearance owing to botox or facelift. Without imputing her anything, referring to the development of the above-mentioned PR story it should be noted that there are more fortunate possibilities to tilt oneself medially forward, says

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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