Is It Possible to Prevent Cancer in a “Natural Way”?

Even the well-known ancient doctor Galen was familiar with the increased presence of cancer from a certain age on, compared to young people. There are many theories about why malignant cell degeneration occurs more often with increasing age. Probably there are many reasons for that, which somehow have all to do with the aging of organ cells as well as aging of our body’s own immune defense. Aging processes are an expression of continuous damages to the genetic material, which are repaired in a less and less efficient way. These damages make organs more liable for pathological alterations, such as cancer.

For many years now there is the presumption that a reduced supply of organs as consequence of age-related weakened hormonal glands has to do with the higher morbidity of organs, including cancer. This also applies to the “organ” immune system: It becomes weaker and doesn’t fight against malignant cells as efficient as it did in its youth.

Can we prevent that? The following strategies seem to be useful: Regeneration therapies, which effect a certain “rejuvenation” of organ cells, as well as direct stimulation of the immune system.

As a reader of my blog you know that there are different approaches to regenerate the body. I want to pick out some of them:

Hormonal Regeneration: Here it is necessary to ensure that bioidentical hormones are used in physiological, coordinated low dose, so the body “machinery” is running optimally. We rather advise you against monotherapies. If only one hormone is given (such as in menopause therapies, where often synthetic estrogen is used) our body could incur into imbalance, whereby general morbidity, such as for cancer, may increase. Too high dosages, such as in doping, are counterproductive in the same way. Only for the treatment of (sport) injuries and very high strain the specialized doctor can administer higher doses of certain hormones (growth hormone, cortisol, testosterone) for a short period of time.

Therapies with mesenchymal stem cells: For this therapy the body’s own stem cells or donated stem cells in case of older and weakened patients come into consideration. These stem cells directly show their effect in damaged organs and can also be used for prevention.

Therapies with regenerative substances, known from traditional medicine: These include such extracts from animal organs (e.g., placenta, thymus), like they were injected as fresh cell therapy in former times, but nowadays are simply taken in in most cases. In addition, extracts from the fungus and plant world such as cordiceps, reishi, or ginseng.

By stimulating the immune system by means of certain substances (known are mistletoe extracts) and physical measurements (in particular warmth) the immune reaction is improved, which leads to the killing of cancer cells.

The famous scientist and mythic Rudolf Steiner recognized the cancer-curing potential of the mistletoe and warmth in an original kind of way: According to his magic world view all the things in the universe are energetically connected with each other and imply similarities by commonalities which we can use to heal: Thus the mistletoe plant, acting as parasite on a tree, behaves similarly to a cancer in a body; because of the claim that “equal heals equal” it can be used for cancer therapy. According to Steiner cancer diseases are (as the animal crayfish) attached to moisture and coolness, wherefore heat (fever) can fight against them.

From a modern medical perspective it can be determined that fever in fact kills cancer cells. Mistletoe extract acts stimulating on the immune system in general and can even cause artificial fever when highly dosed. Thus it is proper for the treatment of existing cancer, but as well especially for prevention. What can also be recommended (and doesn’t cost anything) is a 24 hours fasting cure once to three times a week, whereby damaged cells and their waste products are digested by the body per “autophagy”.

What is resulting from that? From the age of about 40 years on people should take regeneration treatments with stem cells and bioidentical hormones into consideration, as well as a stimulation of his or her immune system, for example by doing a fever cure with mistletoe extract, which prunes the organism of cancer cells.

In addition, we earn the pleasant side effect that we can preserve a vital, more youthful appearance by the means of so-called regenerative therapies, completely without cosmetic surgery.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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