Quality Assurance and Quality Management

Quality assurance and quality management are essential in achieving the highest standards of medical care.

Our mission is to provide best medical services to our patients, so when it comes to quality management we go far beyond to what officially is required by medical quality regulations. This includes of course best possible standards in medical hygiene.

Almost all our treatments require harvesting of body fat by means of liposuction, whether to use the body fat or the stem cells contained therein therapeutically, or whether the body fat is extracted for the purpose of body shaping. There are many institutions that offer liposuction. To meet your highest expectations we work hard on quality assurance and optimization of all internal processes.

With the input of independent experts on this field we have developed our own quality management system, which embraces all medical and administrative areas. Frequent controls and audits by our own staff as well as independent experts ensure best possible quality is continuously implemented into daily practice.

Our Aim: Top Quality

Consistent implementation of best possible quality requires qualified employees, frequent training, awareness of quality and diligence in the choice of the best available medical products, as well as outsourcing of relevant processes that are best performed by specialized facilities.

  • Standardized treatment instructions as a guarantee of consistent quality standards
  • Hygiene management
  • Safety, modernity, and regular safety inspection of all medical devices
  • CE-certified medical products
  • Validated reprocessing of surgical instruments by a specialized facility
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Data protection and confidentiality
  • Informed consent and documentation
  • Survey and evaluation of patient satisfaction
  • Medical laundry service by a specialized facility
  • Storage and ordering system

This list is not exhaustive, but it shows how extensive our continuous quality monitoring is in order to achieve our goal:

The best possible quality of your medical treatments