Liposuction for Lipedema (Saddlebag Syndrome)

Lipedema is a chronic disorder affecting the functioning and distribution of fat tissue, especially on the legs. This disease cannot be treated with sports or diets. It mostly affects women.

Characteristics of the disease are massively enlarged fat cells, a disturbed lymph drainage and outstanding touch and pain sensitivity in the regions concerned. The causes have not been finally clarified yet in medical science; however, hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, and weight gain play a role. Mostly lipedemas develop in chronological connection with the puberty, after a pregnancy. or during the menopause.

“Lipedema” is a Disease

As a result of the disease the body proportions are changing step by step: Thickened regions of the legs, for example from the hips to the knees (“saddlebags”) or the ankles, at the calves or thighs are typical. With the progress of the disease the legs become increasingly more column-shaped, people concerned suffer from severe pain. Commonly the arms are affected as well (upper arms, forearms, or the entire arm).

The quality of life of women and men concerned is severely restricted. Although frequent lymph drainages, wearing of special compression garments, and the usage of specific skin care products bring a certain relief, the disease is not cured thereby. A lipedema can lead to an overload and at most also to a damage of the lymphatic system.

Liposuction as Treatment Alternative

In order to treat my lipedema two liposuctions were necessary. Everything went well. I am very satisfied.

Mrs. B.

With a liposuction undesirable fat deposits, which have developed as a result of the disease lipedema, can be removed sustainably. Often it is possible to re-establish the balance of lymph production and drainage.

In our clinic we exclusively use a particularly gentle method of liposuction, the so-called liposculpture. A smooth and less aggressive technique in liposuction is generally recommendable, especially if a lipedema is present.

Our special method of liposuction stands out due to the fact that the entire procedure is exclusively performed in precise manual work without the usage of suction machines. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, exclusively under local anesthesia. The liposuction can optionally be carried out with microcannulas or regular cannulas. We recommend microcannulas because with these fine “instruments” your silhouette can be modeled in a way that is gentle to the tissue and your proportions can be optimized. To guarantee your optimal safety we completely avoid both general anesthesia and scalpel.

If there is the confirmed diagnosis of lipedema you should definitely clarify whether your health insurance covers at least a part of the treatment costs.

The Period after Liposuction

The aftercare of a liposculpture is easily manageable: You have to wear a compressive bandage overnight after the procedure, then compression garments for 1 week on average if the liposuction was done with microcannulas. If thicker regular cannulas were used for liposuction you need the compression garments for about 4 to 8 weeks.

Normally after a liposuction you are already able to work the day after the procedure. If you wear loose, comfortable clothes on top of the compression garments nobody will notice that you have undergone surgery.

If you had a liposuction with microcannulas performed doing normal sports is usually allowed 2 weeks after surgery. The healing progress after a liposuction with regular cannulas takes a few weeks longer.