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Unsere Generation: Stem Cell Knee Treatment: “I Can Dance Again!”

After a treatment with fat stem cells Mrs. Vogel can dance again. Mrs. Vogel has always been very agile. But severe knee pain limited the vital elderly lady a lot and forced her to give up her hobbies. “I always used to be out of the house, I loved dancing and strolling through the city. […]

Puls4: Free of Pain Thanks to Stem Cells

Almost every sixth Austrian suffers from joint problems. Especially skiing in the winter time can lead to knee pain. Now a new therapy for the treatment of joint pain is available. The patient’s own stem cells are injected into the affected area. Watch the report (in German language), in which Puls4 tells the story of […]

stadtlandzeitung: Success: “Finally I Can Do Sports Again!”

Treatment of osteoarthritis and damaged joints with stem cells from body fat. Just a few months ago, the prominent owner of the hairdresser OSSIG, Karl “Charly” Josef Plasil, could barely climb stairs, walk, or do sports because of pain in the knee joint. He did not want to accept this situation any longer. In the […]

Wiener Bezirksblatt: Osteoarthritis Therapy Using Autologous Fat

Joint damage When it works in dogs and racing horses – why not in humans? Joint damages of these animals were treated with stem cells taken from their body fat. Liposuction “Such treatments have also been successful in humans for a number of years,” reports DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich ( The physician has, among others, specialized in […]

Krone: Fat for the Joints?

Positive experiences from veterinary medicine with special stem cells in the treatment of osteoarthritis can obviously also be used for humans Author: Dr. Wolfgang Exel It worked in dogs and racing horses: Stem cells taken from the animal’s own fat could actually improve damaged joints in four-legged top athletes. For a number of years, such […]

Salzburger Nachrichten: Stem Cells from Fat Can Help in Osteoarthritis

Studies and experience reports show that the joints hurt less after the treatment. Vienna. Two out of three people over 65 are affected by osteoarthritis. Many younger people also suffer from joint problems, e.g., after sports injuries. Until now, medicine has only been able to treat symptoms such as pain and immobility. In order to […]

Testimonial about Breast Augmentation, BHRT, and Stem Cell Therapy

Dear Dr. Heinrich and Team, It’s been a year since my wife and I came to see you in Vienna from North America and a lot has changed for the both of us, all good, since our visit. Here is a little background and expression of our sincere gratitude for all the mental and physical […]

Jennifer Lopez: Only Against Beauty Surgeries on Twitter?

The American singer Jennifer Lopez originating from Puerto Rico is steadily holding herself in the charts on top ranking positions with her music for more than ten years. Also as an actress she frequently gets hold of new roles and in the meanwhile she has already achieved a name recognition which is hardly to top. […]