CliniClowns Austria – Laughter is the Best Medicine

CliniClowns logo“Laughter Therapy” has already been successfully practiced in the U.S. for many years. The non-profit association CliniClowns Austria has been established in 1991 in Vienna.

“The clown therapy” is used in addition to conventional medicine to have a positive impact on the recovery process. Furthermore, the CliniClowns take over a catalytic function for the hospital personnel in order to brighten up the atmosphere that is often characterized by hopelessness, illness, or death.

Visits During the Season of Advent in the Floridsdorf Geriatric Center

The DDr. Heinrich Foundation® bears the cost for the visits of the CliniClowns during the season of Advent in the Floridsdorf Geriatric Center. By their visits, the CliniClowns aim to give a breath of magic zest for life to geriatric patients in order to make them forget their pain and suffering for a little while.

CliniClowns visits during the season of Advent 2011