Testimonials about Liposuction

The result of my microcannular liposuction is evident. DDr. Heinrich made my image of a female figure a reality in every detail. Just the right amount of fat was liposuctioned. Dresses and pants now fit me like they should, just perfectly! I now have much more self-confidence.

— Katharina Z., 21 

The team around DDr. Heinrich was matchless! Always very helpful and enormously friendly. Beforehand questions about the procedure from my part were answered quickly and detailed. Simply great!

The information leaflet was a very helpful reading matter for at home. But actually the conversation with DDr. Heinrich was so detailed that reading was hardly necessary.

I was exactly aware of what was coming up to me and if I still had questions the team was easy to reach at all times.

As good as it could be! Both DDr. Heinrich and his team were totally friendly. Every second I felt that I was in good hands and they also looked after me carefully after the treatment.

— Mrs. K.

I am exceptionally pleased; I was welcomed in a very friendly manner, even in the waiting room I felt like I was in good hands – of highly competent staff.

I surely wouldn’t have come through “it” as well without the encouragement, the meticulous care, the relaxation that I experienced, and also the communication. Thank you all very much for the excellent care.

— Mrs. P.

Easy to get an appointment right away. Telephone reminders to keep the appointment. Several check-up phone calls, even after the operation. Very nice nursing staff. A wealth of information regarding the procedure. Administration of the medications explained well. — Mrs. H.

Outstanding care, very thoughtful; I was very pleased and felt very much at ease. The doctor’s assistant was calm and she dispelled my nervousness. — Mrs. E.

Ever since my youth I suffered because of my “unshapely” legs. It wasn’t because I was fat; my legs just didn’t go with my slender upper body. This was especially hard on me in the summer, because I felt totally ill at ease in a bikini or short skirts. I played a lot of sports and went on diets, but always lost weight in the wrong places. When I realized that nothing was helping, I began to toy with the idea of liposuction. It took a long time before I finally made the decision to undergo the operation. Next came the search for the right doctor. I asked my friends and acquaintances and researched online. My search kept leading me to DDr. Heinrich, with whom I finally made an appointment for a consultation. I was immediately impressed with him and convinced that he was the one who could help me.

Three weeks later the time had come, and I underwent microcannular liposuctioning of my thighs and calves. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia and the pain was minimal. The first two weeks after the operation were somewhat strenuous because of the swelling and the compression underwear that I had to wear for the first seven days. But it was certainly bearable.

I have won back some of my self-confidence and I am truly very happy that I decided to undergo liposuction. I am completely satisfied with the result and I can recommend DDr. Heinrich to others in good conscience.

— Amelie K.

I had a liposuction at Clinic DDr. Heinrich. I had been thinking about it for a long time, and after several consultations I finally chose him, as I thought he was very nice and he is well-respected when it comes to liposuction. — liesaschatz

Friendly, caring, just perfect. Don’t change a thing. Thanks for everything! — Mrs. I.

I recently read through the reports on liposuction. I must say that nearly all of them were horror stories. No way I’d want to wear compression underwear for 12 weeks, etc. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

I went to DDr. Heinrich in Vienna for liposuction. He does it without putting you under, only local anesthesia, and with microcannulas. The advantages of them are that the process is less stressful and everything heals much faster. Furthermore, the doctor can work with much greater precision. Dr. Heinrich also performs liposuction while you are standing, which enables him to shape things better. Afterwards you only need to wear compression underwear for a total of 8 days. The liposuction wasn’t painful at all, and the pain afterwards was bearable, it felt like very sore, aching muscles. The result was fantastic.

— Martha