Testimonials about Weight Loss by DDr. Heinrich

Thanks, DDr. Heinrich!

As a patient with a severe thyroid disease I unfortunately gained more than 30 kilos within the last few years. Desperation due to the disease, overweight, and relapsing depressive periods strongly impaired both my professional and private daily routine.

Thanks to DDr. Heinrich my thyroid disorder was diagnosed. After its treatment I was able to lose my overweight successfully with the help of DDr. Heinrich. After six month of “Paleolithic diet”, supported by fat-away injection and a strict 5 hours regulation regarding mealtime I lost 25 kilos.

I owe the treatment of DDr. Heinrich my regained quality of life as healthy and now again increasingly well dressed, confident woman – in profession and private life entirely satisfied, capable and full of the joy of life.

— Mrs. M. Schüller, 59

I have been on the therapy for 3 month and I feel significantly better and slimmer. My skin looks fantastic and has amazing glow. I receive many compliments on my look and skin. I can highly recommend Dr. Heinrich and his team.

I lost 10 kilos in six weeks with the weight loss therapy and I now feel much better and more fit than before. The most recent tests also showed that my cholesterol level had improved. — Adolf Wallner, 68

The problem that brought me to DDr. Heinrich was obesity. I had stopped playing sports and gained 25 kilos in just a few years. That was somewhat unnerving to me, especially where I was also having trouble with my knees. I started my own research right away, and DDr. Heinrich’s name kept coming up. I decided to schedule a visit to the Ordination Clinic. The doctor seemed very competent and trustworthy and made a good impression on me.

I learned from him that one can lose weight much more easily with the combination of a change in diet and certain hormones. The first thing he did was give me detailed advice and explanations. For example, I was worried about a potential risk of breast cancer. These worries were assuaged.

My goal was to lose a lot of weight, hence I started with a diet and bioidentical hormone therapy. The diet was based on reducing carbohydrate consumption; I ate a lot of vegetables, white meat, fish, and lean red meat. Unfortunately I am not especially good at eating properly. I consider dieting as diminishing my quality of life. Nevertheless I stuck with it for three weeks, and managed to lose around seven kilos. Unfortunately I didn’t stick to the diet that well after that, but still managed to lose another three kilos. That now makes ten kilos in three months. But I am still taking my bioidentical hormones and various active principles.

The main thing is that I feel very good overall with this treatment. I can concentrate better than before and I feel very alert. The only side effects were sleep disorders at the beginning of the therapy. I told DDr. Heinrich about that, he made slight adjustments to the therapy and the problem went away.

At this point I would like to continue the therapy another month and adhere strictly to the diet again. Obviously the ideal thing would be for me to change my eating habits for good and get more exercise.

— Mrs. Kunz, 32