Kate Upton: Natural Breast Instead of Silicone for Hollywood

Everyone who doesn’t yet know the bikini and lingerie model Kate Upton from diverse magazine covers is now able to get to know her owing to her push to Hollywood. In the movie The Other Woman she played one of three women who want to take revenge together on a man, who duped them all, alongside Cameron Diaz.

As cast for the seductive lover of the male principle role the script demanded a young woman with a natural, well-rounded breast, and so it suggested itself to cast Kate Upton with her large breast size. Kate is in her early twenties and has already grabbed numerous model jobs throughout her relatively short career, of which most of the others in her business can only dream of. Her biggest success was to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated twice consecutively. Last year she had to pose in the Arctic only wearing a bikini and made a good figure there despite degrees below zero.

And although she is envied by many women for her full breast Kate tells the journalists of the Huffington Post that she sometimes feels quite insecure in the movie and fashion world in spite of her impeccable curves: “I think we all have our insecurities some days and we’re really good other days. We feel good together, we feel like huge messes and so y’know, when someone’s like ‘oh wow, your butt looks great,’ they’re saying: ‘wow, they’re working out, they’re doing something!’ and it feels good.”

If you see Kate smiling from the screen or a poster, it feels hard to believe that. Actually, many women wish for a comparable breast, which should look that natural too. With a breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat this desire doesn’t have to remain unfulfilled. This gentle method dispenses with the need for scalpel and visible scars and the natural function of the breast is preserved.

Thereby as a first step body fat is drained off in precise manual work without suction engines. Mostly the liposuction is performed with microcannulas in the areas around the buttocks, hips, and thighs, whereby at the same time the body form is optimized. After the enrichment of fat with the body’s own stem cells it is gently injected into the breast. All steps take place under local anesthesia. In the context of the treatment an augmentation of about one cup size is usually possible.

This method is proper for women who have always wished for a bigger breast like Kate Upton, as well as for those who have lost originally existing breast volume, for example due to breastfeeding or weight loss. Because implanted foreign bodies are entirely waived the breast looks absolutely “real”, whether in lying, sitting, or in movement, and does also feel natural.

Kate Upton’s bikini in The Other Woman fits so well that Carly, played by Cameron Diaz, even thinks it has been specially manufactured for her. The blonde Kate didn’t become bikini model for nothing! Currently she is looking forward to her next assignment of Sport Illustrated and is probably happy that she is now shooting on the beach in tropical temperatures instead of the eternal ice.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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