Therapy Program of Weight Loss by DDr. Heinrich

The integrated holistic concept of weight loss consists of several measures, ranging from medicinal and dietetic measures, including a detailed analysis of your daily eating and exercise habits, to accompanying surgical measures.

Your medical condition will be determined prior to starting medically-assisted Weight Loss by DDr. Heinrich. This will involve anamnesis, medical examination, and assessment of essential laboratory findings. After we analyze your condition we will create a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and personal goals.

Support by Liposuction

Sometimes liposuction or treatment with fat-away injection in especially troublesome problem zones is recommendable prior to starting the actual weight loss program. Liposuction is especially useful for reducing estrogen-producing fat pads and thereby enables the treatment of the hormone imbalance contributing to obesity. The treatments in addition prepare the body for subsequent fat breakdown and promote regression of the skin, thus making subsequent lifting surgery either completely superfluous or at least requiring less extensive liftings.

According to experience subsequently it will be considerably easier for those affected to lose weight quickly and permanently by changing the diet (you will receive recommendations from us), fitness training, and appropriate support measures. Important note: If liposuction is planned, it is important that it gets performed before, not after the weight loss program!

Duration of the Therapy

A sustainable weight loss program typically takes several months. We will continuously monitor the progress of your treatment and adjust the therapy as needed.

Food was always a reward or a comfort to me. Over the years I have grown more and more and somehow I came to the point that I was ashamed of myself. My own dietary attempts unfortunately failed. This was the reason why I had sought professional help from Dr. Heinrich. I am infinitely happy and grateful for my new life! I lost 20 kilos with the weight loss program. I feel well again in my skin and I am also much more mobile and fitter. THANKS, dear Dr. Heinrich!


Even if you are not one of our patients, you can still benefit from DDr. Heinrich’s weight loss concept! The special nutritional supplements available in our shop will help you do so.