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Methods of Rejuvenation: Extension of Telomeres (Part 4)

Telomeres are sections of our chromosomes that determine the life span of the individual cell. The longer they are, the longer the cell’s ability to divide and thereby replace lost cells of the body. With each cell division the telomeres get a bit shorter, until they are finally completely depleted. If you give the cells […]

Fighting Colds with Aspirin – Does It Make Sense or Is It Harmful?

Currently many of my friends suffer from colds and cough. Today a friend, 28 years old, called me and complained she would feel faint and sick for three days, had cough and runny nose but no fever. I asked her what medication she took. She said she had taken Neocitran for three days, but it […]

Herpes Blisters Again and Again – What to Do?

A friend of mine gets a herpes blister on her lower lip about every quarter of the year, usually after having had a few days of stress. Although I have often recommended her to keep a box of Zovirax, she never has it in stock when required, so she needs to “sit out” the herpes […]

Autumn – Cold and Flu Season: Instant Chi Candies

Formula from Traditional Chinese Medicine Cool temperatures in autumn and winter increase our chances of suffering from colds and coughs. During my studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I rediscovered ancient knowledge on how to protect the body from catching colds, and developed Instant Chi Candies. Frequently, the solution for a problem has been known […]

Here’s a secret: How to keep colds at bay…

Perhaps you already heard about it – this winter had the lowest levels of sunshine recorded in the past 100 years. Although many patients prefer to have their gentle aesthetic surgeries done during the summer, we also have a lot of work in this exceptionally dark, dreary winter. However, some of our patients had to […]

Merry Christmas to seriously ill children

The most rewarding part of my work is when my patients keep telling me that their physical changes have led to increased self-esteem, vitality, and satisfaction. However, people frequently have to struggle with quite different problems. Within the scope of the DDr. Heinrich Foundation®, together with the Make-A-Wish Foundation®, we grant the heart’s desires of children […]

Now Available in the Online Shop: Essential Cellular Beauty & Power

Cosmetic surgery is not always required to slightly reverse signs of aging. Consistent body care, careful use of own resources and the conscious treatment of individual weak spots could possibly work small miracles! From now on, you have got the opportunity to indulge your body and to increase your well-being – conveniently from the comfort […]

The expensive business of eternal youth

The decisive factor in maintaining vitality, performance, and youthfulness right up to old age is the ability for the hormone glands to consistently produce the body’s hormones in the right quantities. However, hormone production requires a high level of energy and the body often starts already at the age of 30 years to “save” in […]

Cosmetic surgery belongs to all medical fields!

On a routine basis, representatives of a particular surgical group that was created 20 years or so ago insist that only they should be allowed to perform cosmetic surgery. It is understandable that these doctors would like less competition when it comes to performing liposuctions, facelifts, and breast augmentations. But the decisive factor herein must […]

Quality of the consultation with cosmetic surgeons

A consumer test on “Consultation with Cosmetic Surgeons” met once again with a response from the media. Although we were not part of this test, here are a few of my thoughts: Amongst other things in the test, long waiting times for patients in the waiting rooms of various cosmetic surgeons were criticized. Waiting times […]