Jennifer Lopez: Only Against Beauty Surgeries on Twitter?

The American singer Jennifer Lopez originating from Puerto Rico is steadily holding herself in the charts on top ranking positions with her music for more than ten years. Also as an actress she frequently gets hold of new roles and in the meanwhile she has already achieved a name recognition which is hardly to top. Thus she was engaged to help co-creating the official World Cup song for the FIFA. In the corresponding video Lopez is singing alongside U.S. rapper Pitbull and Brazilian pop icon Claudia Leite, surrounded by samba dancers, as is usual in the carnival of Rio.

What didn’t her fans or the media comment on her – at first her striking opulent curves, then gossip about relationship problems with her 17-year-younger “toyboy” Casper Smart, and recently her twitter comments in which she clearly comes out against beauty surgeries, are on everybody’s lips.

In that regard it is remarkable that – as reported by the magazine Woman – the Latina’s face recently seemed tight and almost petrified at a gala event. And this nurtured her fans’ curiosity whether Jennifer Lopez does really get her figure, her complexion, and her smooth skin only through sports and nutrition or if there is though a little art behind it. Jennifer to this: “With frequent training you get a firm bottom. Anyway, you get a handle on your weight and your complexion with the help of sports and healthy nutrition.” In addition she said beauty surgery would be out of question for her, simply because she would fear that she doesn’t wake up again from the general anesthesia or that she can’t recognize herself anymore.

That is very comprehensible and understandable. As you know as a frequent reader of my blog I refuse general anesthesia in aesthetic treatments due to safety reasons. Local anesthesia is to prefer in any case.

Jennifer is right in waiving invasive methods of the plastic surgery and the risk of a general anesthesia. She could also avoid Botox and the associated frozen look and revitalize her face and skin with her body’s own stem cells.

Stem cells extracted from the body’s own (autologous) fat – contrary to other fillers – possess a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect. To obtain these cells we take a small amount of fat from the patient’s fat deposits. Then autologous stem cells are extracted from the fat and injected into the areas concerned, where they can show their effect and are able to regenerate skin as well as subcutaneous tissue.

Growth factors isolated from blood plasma (PRP, vampire lifting) as well as synthetic growth factors from skin cells can also be used to regenerate skin in the fight against wrinkles. For this purpose growth factors are injected into the affected main area by the means of microneedles.

In addition to a therapy with autologous stem cells or growth factors it makes sense to support the body with bioidentical hormones (Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich) in Jennifers age. This therapy is aimed at the compensation of hormonal deficiencies to rejuvenate the body from the inside out and to revitalize it.

Whatever – Jennifer will outplay her younger “toyboys” with her appearance, her curves, and her body awareness for a long time.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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