Beyoncé Knowles: Yo-Yo Effect after Crash Diets

R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles began her career as member of Destiny’s Child, one of the most popular girl bands worldwide which wowed the crowd with hits like Survivor or Independent Women. Today she is performing on the stage without the girls, and as can be seen with success: 2009 she was priced by the Billboard magazine as best artist of the decade. 2014 she was chosen as most influential artist by the Forbes magazine and achieved the Video Vanguard Award for her lifework at the age of 32.

Unlike the success of her artistic work, which is constant, Beyoncé’s curvy silhouette undergoes changes as can be noted when looking at various paparazzi photos in the media. Yet in May the singer presented herself slimmer than ever before in a breath of nothing, while only a few months later she was strolling along the beach with voluptuous curves. According to the celeb magazine Gala the diagnosis is clear: yo-yo effect.

The yo-yo effect can be defined as an undesired consequence of crash diets: Useless fasting for days and exhausting workouts – as fast as pounds are shedding, that fast they are on the scale again (and often even some extra pounds in addition). Jay-Z’s wife Beyoncé is well aware of this problem. Already in the past Beyoncé was frequently relying on crash diets in which common meals are replaced by calorie-free lemonade which lets the pounds melt off. For her role in Dreamgirls Beyoncé lost – believe it or not – 10 kilos within 10 days in this way. Can be healthy at all?

Definitely not! By doing crash diets our body interprets the calorie restriction as “starvation”. Many metabolic processes are thus put on the back burner so that our energy consumption decreases. This means that the energy demand is reduced after a crash diet. As soon as former lifestyle and eating habits are revived, every calorie too much is reflecting on the scale – the consequence is an accelerated weight gain and often even a higher weight compared to the time prior to the weight loss.

Calorie reduction and fasting are good for the ideal weight and health but only within certain limits. Exaggeration does harm here like everywhere else too.

Although many stars like Beyoncé know that (due to own experiences) for sure, they still engage in health-endangering crash diets again and again – because it simply has to run fast. This impatience has to be paid dearly, because the yo-yo trap hits mercilessly.

In the longer term Beyoncé would certainly have more success with a medically-assisted weight loss therapy. Hence kilos won’t drop within the shortest time, however, they disappear for the long-term and in a healthy way.

The process is following: After the actual state of health is investigated an individualized therapy concept is developed. With a change of diet, sporty activities, and a regeneration of balanced hormone levels the desired weight can be achieved sustainably step by step. A medically-assisted weight loss is mostly lasting for several months.

Particularly persistent fat pads can be removed best prior to the weight loss by the means of liposuction. By using microcannulas the procedure is very gentle.

By the way: The body’s own fat contains precious stem cells which can be used in manifold ways due to their regenerative potential. Stem cells or stem cell-enriched autologous fat are for example suitable for the treatments of osteoarthritis and skin and facial regeneration. And because Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline was lately relaying the message to Beyoncé’s chagrin that the 34-year-old R&B singer had a muffed Botox treatment, by planning a stem cell treatment in her face in connection with a weight loss she would “kill two birds with one stone.”

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Perfect Skin: Your Daily Dose of Beauty

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Simon Cowell: Caught in the Botox Trap?

Anyone who believes that Botox would solely be a women’s issue is entirely wrong. The living proof is music and film producer Simon Cowell. He knows that aging in men isn’t always supportive for their attractiveness, as is often argued. Thus he tries to resist wrinkles by hook or by crook.

In the TV show The X-Factor the 56-year-old head judge is looking for vocal talents, whose ability he is evaluating more or less complaisantly. For a change this time he was the one who had to take criticism recently, namely from co-juror Sharon Osbourne. Her cheeky remark referring to his appearance: “Your face is so full of filler and Botox it’s like it doesn’t move. At least mine screws up.”

As you know as a reader of my blog, Botox is not only widely used by celebrities but also by the woman (or man) from next door – after all it is affordable, injected quickly, and it shows its effect rapidly. As is generally known, botulinumtoxin is a highly dosed neurotoxin. It paralyzes the mimic musculature, whereby movements and therewith the formation of wrinkles is restricted. If injecting too much, it can even happen that one mouth angle is hanging or a frozen, doll-like facial expression is developing. Fortunately the effect of a Botox exaggeration is forming back after some months.

The Briton openly admits that he had overacted with Botox. Because he sees his appearance as his productive factor frequent beauty treatments are featured on the program. Starting with aluminum and cling wraps via detox cures right through to the application of face masks out of sheep placenta, the critical juror has already tried out several (partially alleged) beauty tricks. Shouldn’t we give him, for a change, advices that really help?

Aging signs of the skin can be treated on cellular and hormonal level.

A treatment with stem cells helps aging skin tissue to regenerate on cellular level. Thereby in the first step the patient undergoes a liposuction performed using gentle microcannulas. From this portion of fat stem cells are isolated and afterwards injected into the facial areas to regenerate. The procedure takes place on an outpatient basis – like all of our treatments – and under local anesthesia, so that the risks of a general anesthesia can be waived and a rapid return to everyday life is possible, what can be very important for people of Simon’s profession.

If volume in the face got lost, stem cell-enriched autologous fat can be implanted. But in most cases hollow cheeks are rather a symptom of weakened adrenal glands and are better and more cause-specifically treated with bioidentical hormones. Something similar applies to hanging cheeks, which should be treated with a Hormonal Regeneration® as long as possible instead of using artificial fillers or performing facelifts.

Another method which gets more and more popular in the world of the stars is the so-called vampire lifting, in which platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used. In the course of this treatment blood platelets and growth factors are obtained from the patient’s own blood, which both have a rejuvenating effect on skin regions treated.

Anyone who stands in public life like Simon should be able to deal with criticism and shouldn’t take anything personally. But also celebrities aren’t pleased with malicious comments. To prevent further spiteful gibes regarding his face, Simon, anyway known as adventuresome, could also combine our mentioned treatments to achieve the best possible result without mask-like characteristic.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery in Vienna

One of the best-known streets in Vienna – the Herrengasse with its famous Café Central – is closely linked to Russian history and therefore also a well-attended address. According to an anecdote the communist politician and revolutionist Lew Dawidowitsch Bronstein, better known as Leo Trotzki, lived as an emigrant in Vienna from October 1907 to the beginning of the First World War, playing chess frequently in the Café Central. When somebody was asking Heinrich Graf Clam-Martinic, an Austrian politician at this time, if a revolution in Russia would be possible, he should have meant: “Who should now start a revolution? Perhaps Mister Bronstein from the Café Central?”

Directly vis-à-vis from the Café Central Clinic DDr. Heinrich®, founded in 1994 by DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, is situated, which also enjoys popularity among Russian patients for gentle treatments for optimization, rejuvenation and regeneration of the body. The following treatments are provided by DDr. Heinrich, who is active on the field of therapeutically-indicated aesthetic surgery and regenerative medicine and holding patents on medical developments: Breast augmentation with autologous fat and stem cells, liposuction with microcannulas, which are partly developed and patented by DDr. Heinrich himself, regenerative therapies with stem cells and bioidentical hormones (BHRT), treatments for regeneration of face, skin, and hair, and therapies for weight loss.

Because language barriers are never welcome, Clinic DDr. Heinrich® has Russian-speaking personnel at its disposal that is going to care after you around the clock. To guarantee that you feel optimally treated according to your special wishes and demands there is the possibility to book VIP service. So even the highest demands get satisfied.

With this in mind: Welcome to Vienna!

Why Doesn’t Paris Hilton Need to Cheat with Botox?

It is nearly impossible to don’t know the multi-billion dollar hotel chain heiress Paris Hilton. Whether if from her reality soap The Simple Life, in which she combs through the country life together with her ex-BFF Nicole Richie, or due to numerous scandals which frequently fill up the headlines of various celebrity magazines. Constantly she causes a commotion. However, in recent years it became a little quieter about the party queen – if the reason might be that Paris has gradually gained maturity with her 34 years now?

Well, let’s say – yes. Despite her, well, matured personality it seems as time has passed her face without a trace. No mention of “aging signs”. Her skin still looks radiantly fresh, young, and vital and is obviously supplied with the most important nutrients. But how does the hobby DJ manage this?

Recently Paris is making one thing plain – Botox was never used in her face. It’s not about she didn’t want to try it once, but her doctor was vehemently refusing to do the treatment – her skin would be too perfect! Paris explains this fact in following words: “I am very lucky that I have listened to my mom through my young age. She told me to stay away from the sun.” This advice was visibly worth a mint. UVA and UVB radiation, contained in sunlight are namely leading to premature aging, the so-called “photo aging” due to damage of skin cells. Paris doesn’t really have to matter, because thanks to her mom’s tip at least these types of wrinkles remain spared.

Granted, Paris’ skin is really fine for her age and we cannot accuse her of Botox. Frowning, screwing up her eyes – all this things are working. Thus the neurotoxin Botox can in fact be excluded as cause of this comparatively very good skin conditions. But perhaps we would have the one or other speculation in which natural way the hotel heiress could have been resourceful.

Therapies with stem cells and autologous fat are for example optimally suited for a visible wrinkle reduction. Thereby the patient undergoes a liposuction by the means of fine microcannulas in the first step. Out of this small amount of obtained fat valuable stem cells are extracted and afterwards injected into desired tissue. The positive characteristics of stem cells promote skin regeneration to a large extent and consequently lead to an improved complexion.

Another procedure with star potential is platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is also popularly known as vampire lifting and has already conquered Hollywood for the last few years. Thereby blood platelets (thrombocytes) are obtained from the patient’s blood and afterwards again injected into the skin. By doing so, a regenerative process will be started which, as a result, provides a radiant skin texture à la Paris Hilton. The same effect can be achieved through injection of growth factors.

But maybe Paris did solely supply her skin early enough and frequently with the most important basic components. One possibility to compensate a physiologic decrease of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin would be the daily intake of Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Drink or Powder. The ingredients of our product give your skin back its moisture and elasticity and make you look significantly younger.

If Paris would ever reveal her secret about her perfect skin remains to be seen. And even if it perhaps sounds a little astonishing, she is obviously one of these women who put value on naturalness and who don’t want to kill their mimic with Botox or other artificial fillers. And she is absolutely right with that.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Hillary Clinton: Is Donald Trump Responsible for Her Facelift?

As favorite of the Democrats around the candidature for the elections of the US president Hillary Clinton stays under massive pressure whilst being permanently present in the media. Not only her intra-party rival Sanders discomforts her, also the Republicans are tough opponents who do not mince matters, whether it is about a private e-mail server which she also used for e-mail communication of the State Department or the Ivy League graduate’s problem of appearing “affable” towards simple people. Everything is brought to light in a relentless way.

It is well known that especially the Republican Donald Trump is showing fewer scruples in emphasizing his enemies’ weaknesses drastically. In doing so he already has satirized women quite less gentleman-like. Did Hillary quasi act in advance to waive Donald’s gleeful comments regarding her drawn and saggy face associated with age and marital frustration?

Hillary wants to appear as a resilient and affable woman who should serve as role model for many middle class citizens. Thereby she should also radiate outward vitality and youthfulness. Obviously Bill Clinton’s wife preferred a facelift as the solution to get her facial contours back in shape. A surgical facelift whereat sagging facial skin is fold up and snipped off isn’t exactly a low-risk surgery. In Hillary’s case this facelift could have been the only possibility to remove all the destructions of age and the marks of undergone frustration and disappointments in her life. After all she will turn 70 soon.

When searching for natural alternatives to counteract the destructions of age timely, a facelift is superfluous – here are the therapies which Hillary could have had decided for some years ago:

First of all a timely therapy with bioidentical hormones would have been recommendable to lend her tissue new tension from within. Therapies with bioidentical hormones are restoring hormonal balance again, renew zest for life, and rejuvenate, in the result inwards as well as outwards.

Instead of a real facelift a stem cell facelift would have been recommendable for a bit younger Hillary. This is a treatment with stem cells extracted from body fat, in which skin and subcutaneous tissue are regenerated due to the rejuvenating effect of the body’s own stem cells. In the course of this treatment a small amount of the patient’s fat is obtained by the means of liposuction. This body fat contains precious stem cells, which are injected into desired body areas (such as face, hands, cleavage) after special preparation.

If Hillary would have chosen this procedure on time, Donald could have pulled her leg for anything and everything, but he would not have found a reason for body-related malice. For a 70-year-old she would have been looking dazzling, which would also have been recognized by womanizer Donald Trump, with all due political opposition. And she would have two scars less behind her ears.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

To Stay Healthy We Need Bioidentical Hormones – “Hormone Replacement Therapies” (HRT) with Synthetic Estrogens Rather Not

Well, are hormones now useful or harmful? Such a question can in fact only be asked by someone who does not know much about the hormone topic.

Hormones are essential for our general wellbeing, capability, and vitality. Our immune system, our memory, our whole body can only work if hormonal levels are balanced. With increasing age the capability of our hormonal glands and organs diminishes. Distress, multiple strains, an exhausting lifestyle, and malnutrition additionally affect our natural hormone production and accelerate wear.

Chronic lack of hormones can be reason for numerous sufferings or rather worsen the symptoms. Estrogen levels, for instance, decrease with increasing age, which is commonly accompanied with an impairment of our mental state as well as unpleasant outward changing of our appearance. The same applies to many other hormones such as testosterone, cortisol, thyroid hormones, progesterone, DHEA, etc. To provide a remedy the idea of supplying the body with lacking hormones to compensate deficiencies was born.

Justified Criticism of Common Hormone Replacement Therapy

Again and again opponents of hormones refer to the study of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) which was abandoned 12 years ago. In this study the effect of the hormone replacement therapy with female sex hormones was observed. This kind of hormone replacement therapy was anything but optimal for multiple reasons. By far the most important ones:

  1. Patients were only treated using monotherapy with female sex hormones regardless of the lack of many other hormones.

  2. The “hormones” used were in fact synthesized, hormone-similar drugs with different molecular structure.

  3. The female hormone medications were in particular given postmenopausal women who naturally produce fewer sex hormones from their menopause on even if they have an optimal lifestyle.

In so far side effects had to be expected.

Hormonal Regeneration® Instead of Monotherapies with Synthetic “Hormone Medications”

Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich, also called Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) regenerates the body both inside and outside. The decisive factor of hormone replacement therapies above all is the form of hormones supplied, as well as an accurate planning, preparation, and application of the treatment.

It is essential that only nature-identical hormones are used, that means hormone preparations which correspond in chemical structure to the hormones produced by our body. These so-called bioidentical hormones unfold the same effects in our body as our own hormones do.

In the controversial common “hormonal replacement therapy” (HRT) synthetic hormones are administered which are not nature-identical.

In common HRT the lack of only one certain hormone (normally estrogen) was treated by the means of a monotherapy, although the human body produces a number of hormones, which interact with each other.

Thus in a BHRT the levels of all essential hormones are determined and the bioidentical hormones are dosed in a well-matched way, so that a comprehensive treatment is happening.

Planning, Preparation, and Performance of the Medical Treatment

At the beginning of BHRT there is a thorough evaluation of the patient’s health condition. This includes an analysis of the patient’s medical history, obtaining of a comprehensive hormone status and an exact analysis of the personal state. Like in most therapies there are certain contraindications, whereby although nature-identical hormones which equal our body’s own hormones are in general very well tolerated at the right dosage. Depending on the medical history some individual features have to be heeded, thus when administering estrogen in women with raised or unstable blood pressure or coagulation disorders caution should be used.

With a Hormonal Regeneration® balanced hormone levels can be restored to a certain degree. For our patients the treatment is accompanied with a gain in energy, zest for life, inner balance, and harmony. Externally the treatment of hormone deficiencies often effects a rejuvenation of the body, wrinkles get smoothed, and tissue gets tightened and regains firmness. Hormonal Regeneration® normally lasts for either 3 or 6 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days). Refreshments and repetitions are individually determined as required. There are special therapy programs for particular therapeutic goals.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Jennifer Garner: Must Midlife Crisis Lead to Botox?

Perhaps you know the US actress Jennifer Garner from Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can or comedies like 13 Going on 30. Grown up in West Virginia she lived in a bourgeois family as one of 3 sisters, initially jobbing as in a theater after cancelled studying chemistry. Gradually she succeeded in getting hold of little acting roles, in which she demonstrated her talent. 2001 she finally got her first principle role in the spy action television series Alias, for which she was awarded with a Golden Globe.

Even in her private life she was attached to the acting business: After a short-lived marriage with Scott Foley she hooked herself Oscar winner and (still) husband Ben Affleck. This relation should be over in the meanwhile; obviously not without consequences for Jennifer’s condition: The German paper Bunte described her condition after the break-up with the words “totally exhausted”. According to promiflash since then she rushes in her fitness studio from one fitness unit to another unadorned and in casual sports outfit, but indeed with suspiciously straight face. Her frozen expression is apparently a consequence of Botox, from which she had too much. As is well known, the neurotoxin Botulinumtoxin leads to a paralysis of mimic musculature, so that at a higher dose it is nearly impossible for women concerned to show a facial expression. In the fight against wrinkles one does what one can… But is it really necessary to sacrifice any nuanced expression to look younger?

Fortunately not! First of all, Jennifer has to be told that the wrinkles she fears are only the symptom, but not the reason for the problem. The reason for wrinkle development is decreasing skin quality. Therefore the skin’s quality has to be improved by the means of regenerative treatments and therewith “rejuvenated” from within.

Here are a few advices what Jennifer could do instead of Botox to rejuvenate her face:

The basis of any regeneration from the age of 40 is a therapy with bioidentical hormones (Bioidentical Hormonal Regeneration Therapy, BHRT). Especially in women of Jennifer’s age age-induced decreasing hormone levels are often responsible for external aging signs which become apparent “overnight”, but even years before mostly together with energy loss and fatigue. The supply of bioidentical hormones does not only provide a visible reduction of facial wrinkles, but does also improve the general wellbeing, especially through increase of capability, resilience, and libido.

Many women suffer from their fat pads and want nothing more than to get rid of them. Only few of them know how precious autologous body fat can be for a rejuvenating facial treatment: A treatment with autologous stem cells directly draws on skin cells concerned. Out of the patients autologous fat, which is obtained through a gentle liposuction with microcannulas, precious stem cells are extracted. Afterwards injected into stressed skin areas a visible regenerative and therefore also rejuvenating effect occurs.

Stars like Kim Kardashian swear by platelet-rich plasma out of autologous blood or growth factors of skin cells. These treatments also support skin regeneration in a natural kind of way.

Finally, an even more simple measure, completely without injections: Starting already at the age of 25 our body produces increasingly less collagen and hyaluronic acid. These are important substances for skin regeneration and essential for the skin’s elasticity and storage capacity for moisture. To provide her skin these basic elements we recommend Jennifer the intake of collagen and hyaluronic acid via nutrition. Our products Perfect Skin, available as Powder and Beauty Drink, contain the optimal dose of these skin-regenerating natural substances.

Of course we do not know what Jennifer’s separation has caused. But (still) husband Ben Affleck would certainly prefer Jennifer’s authentic mimic instead of her new, frozen expression. A few wrinkles probably don’t bother him – wrinkles are a sign of that we have lived and as long as face and skin do radiate vitality and youthfulness they give us an accent of maturity, which many people find attractive.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Liposculpture: Outpatient Liposuction with Microcannulas

Gentle Body Shaping

Are you unhappy with your body or do you suffer from diet-resistant fat pads? Maybe liposuction can help.

Stubborn fat deposits of the body can be removed by liposuction. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

Attention: Liposuction is not all the same.
There are various methods which differ significantly.

Liposculpture with Microcannulas – The Special Method of Liposuction

Patient before and after microcannular liposuction

The after photo shows the result actually achieved by the treatment. To protect the anonymity of the depicted person individual physical characteristics (e.g., moles, tattoos) might have been removed.

The method we use is particularly tissue-conserving and is called liposculpture. Liposculpture is solely performed in gentle handwork – without the use of suction machines (such as ultrasound, waterjet). We completely waive scalpels, so no scars develop which could be seen with the naked eye after your positive healing process. If liposculpture is performed with so-called “true microcannulas” you need to wear compression clothes just for 7 days instead of 4 to 8 weeks.

Advantages of Liposculpture at a Glance:

  • Gentle handwork instead of invasive suction machines
  • Waiving of scalpels = normally no scars visible to the naked eye
  • Maximum possible safety because of local anesthesia – waiving of general anesthesia
  • Compression clothes just for 1 week instead of 4 to 8 weeks
  • Reduced off times – typically able to work already 1 to 2 days after the treatment

Your Body Fat Is Just Too Precious to Dispose It

Get informed about treatments with autologous fat and regenerative stem cell therapies.

For further questions or arranging of an appointment we are gladly at your disposal.

Your Team at Clinic DDr. Heinrich®

Gisele Bündchen: Wearing a Burka to get Secret Breast Augmentation?

At the tender age of 13 Gisele took part in a model class in her homeland because her mother wished it so. Henceforward she won one model contest after another and became an icon bit by bit. Since about 20 years she beats her way through the hard model business and meanwhile ranks among the best-paid models of the world according to Forbes. As mother of two she lives her life almost free from scandals. Gisele seems to be flawless, living an exemplary life.

Already since the end of summer rumors are circulating that the German-Brazilian top model Gisele Bündchen had herself put on the surgical table for a new chest. What’s that special about it? As an advocate of the natural beauty philosophy Gisele described such procedures as absolutely superfluous up to now. Did she now convert to the beauty mainstream?

In former decades, at the time when cosmetic surgeries yet were said to be wicked and treated as a topic which was only discussed behind closed doors, the ladies of the society checked in to private clinics where they got lifted or elsewhere optimized discretely from a surgeon of their choice. Their stay was officially declared as life-cell therapy or the like. Some of these cures just had, apart from rejuvenating in the true sense of the word, also “incisive” facial modifications as a result.

Nowadays people already have a more open mind about it, except when one is contravening self-selected and often-published maxims. Then it seems to be necessary to reach for the well-tried secrecy. However, it remains to be seen whether it was elegant that Gisele did just cover herself with a burka to enter the private clinic undetected, as the New York Post reported. Probably the decision wasn’t a statement on zeitgeist, but simply pragmatic. In fact, a lot of covered ladies from the Near East undergo surgeries in Europe, and with a burka the covering is complete and attracts less attention.

Malicious tongues claim that it wasn’t only the chest, which has been modified in the clinic. However – on holiday pictures Gisele’s breast now definitely appears full and considerably bigger than before.

Autologous fat is particularly suitable for women who attach value on naturalness. If more natural breast volume is required, fat is obtained from body regions where it is available and implanted into the breast. In this breast augmentation with autologous fat or stem cells fat is harvested by the means of liposuction with microcannulas. The obtained fat gets injected into breast tissue immediately after harvesting, either in untreated or stem cell-enriched form. The implanted autologous fat transforms into a part of the naturally augmented breast, which is typically retained in the long-term. Such a treatment takes about 2 hours and is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

We do not know which method of breast augmentation Gisele did choose. If it was autologous fat/stem cells the Brazilian did not only spare the risks of general anesthesia, the breast augmented in a natural way would also fit better to her body than silicone implants, which can be detected at the latest in movement.

In a way she could still call herself a natural beauty and claim that every part of her body is “real”. Because her breast would be augmented with true body cells, says

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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