Wiener Bezirksblatt: Osteoarthritis Therapy Using Autologous Fat

Joint damage

When it works in dogs and racing horses – why not in humans? Joint damages of these animals were treated with stem cells taken from their body fat.


“Such treatments have also been successful in humans for a number of years,” reports DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich ( The physician has, among others, specialized in liposuction and is convinced of the benefits of treatments with the patient’s own fat, which he, for instance, uses for breast augmentation.

These cells are so-called mesenchymal stem cells. After such injections in the vicinity of joints, chronic joint complaints would also have improved. Specifically, the method works as follows: Under local anesthesia a little amount of fat is harvested at the belly or waist region. From this fat the mesenchymal stem cells are isolated, which are then injected into the affected joint areas – mainly knees, hips, hands, fingers.


However, critics point out that there is still too little experience with this method. The general practitioner explains: “Of course, there is no guarantee for cure.” However, according to many research works, most patients would report painlessness and significantly improved mobility. Heinrich: “I believe that many people could be spared a long path of suffering with this method.”

Published in Wiener Bezirksblatt on February 20, 2017.

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