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Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery in Vienna

One of the best-known streets in Vienna – the Herrengasse with its famous Café Central – is closely linked to Russian history and therefore also a well-attended address. According to an anecdote the communist politician and revolutionist Lew Dawidowitsch Bronstein, better known as Leo Trotzki, lived as an emigrant in Vienna from October 1907 to […]

Liposuction or Facelift in the Face?

A patient with undesired facial fat pads writes us: I am interested in a liposuction in the face, especially on my cheeks and chin. I am 55 years old and my skin still looks relatively elastic. I don’t want to make a facelift. A facelift would in have a completely different indication than a liposuction […]

Chubby Cheeks: Liposuction or Fat-Away Injection?

A patient sent us an e-mail: I have chubby cheeks in my face, which I would like to get removed by liposuction. In such cases sometimes a treatment with fat-away injection (injection lipolysis) is a sufficient alternative to facial liposcultpure for gentle forming of the face. Both facial treatments differ slightly: In facial liposuction local […]

Body Forming: Ideal Figure and Bikini Cleavage Instead of Winter Fat

Finally… Summer is just around the corner! After dismal winter weather we cannot wait to banish our thick winter jackets into the back of our wardrobe, showing more skin again and indulging in summery pleasure. But often there is a question arising: What can we do to get rid of winter fat and to make […]

The Ball Season Has Started: Everything for a Fresh Appearance

Brilliance and glamor are to the fore in the ball season. Obviously, women do not only take their finest dresses out of the cupboard, but also want to put visible parts of the body like face and décolleté perfectly into focus. In our Clinic DDr. Heinrich® we offer outpatient treatments which can help you to achieve […]

Spring Fever…

Winter is finally coming to an end in the northern hemisphere and the weather is becoming sunnier and warmer. Most people breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of the coming warm season. However, others feel slightly uneasy at going out in thinner clothing again and having to do without the visual barrier provided […]

Let the Waltz Begin: Dance into the Ball Season with Radiant Skin

During ball season, cleavage, upper arms, face and hands become the focus of attention. What can a woman do to give her skin new vitality and freshness at the “last minute”? We offer particularly gentle outpatient treatments and products for skin rejuvenation in our Clinic DDr. Heinrich®: Skin rejuvenation with growth factors and stem cells from […]