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John Goodman: 50 Kilos Less, More Health in Return

Since the two U.S. cartoon producers Hanna and Barbera presented The Flintstones in the 60ies, those became the most popular TV cartoon series of the U.S. for many years. Not until 1997 The Simpsons had outstripped them. On the basis of the cult series a movie with human actors was produced in 1994, which has […]

Beyoncé Knowles: Yo-Yo Effect after Crash Diets

R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles began her career as member of Destiny’s Child, one of the most popular girl bands worldwide which wowed the crowd with hits like Survivor or Independent Women. Today she is performing on the stage without the girls, and as can be seen with success: 2009 she was priced by the Billboard […]

Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery in Vienna

One of the best-known streets in Vienna – the Herrengasse with its famous Café Central – is closely linked to Russian history and therefore also a well-attended address. According to an anecdote the communist politician and revolutionist Lew Dawidowitsch Bronstein, better known as Leo Trotzki, lived as an emigrant in Vienna from October 1907 to […]

Why is a Blood Analysis Absolutely Necessary for a Hormone Therapy?

A patient asks regarding a therapy with bioidentical hormones: Do I need a comprehensive hormone status for a treatment with nature-identical hormones? Yes, a comprehensive analysis of all relevant hormone values and a physical examination are preconditions in order to be able to start a therapy with bioidentical hormones (BHRT). Finally the treatments serves as […]

10 Kilos Weight Gain in One Year: Is It the Hormones’ Fault?

A patient who suffers from a sudden strong gain in weight asks us: I have gained almost 10 kilos within a year. About a year ago I also started the intake of the pill again. Measurements revealed that my body fat increased, but muscle mass did not. Can bioidentical hormones help? How can I proceed? […]

Autophagy: Revolution in Nutritional Medicine?

Should we feast and regularly fast instead of having a conscious diet? Does this sound almost too good to be true? Can we forget the recommendations for a healthy diet we regarded as secured, including the food pyramid, and feast confidently? Yes and no! Latest research findings in mice have demonstrated: Regular longer breaks between […]

Blake Lively’s Obsession with Slenderness During Pregnancy

Size zero is on everyone’s lips. The successful actress Blake Lively for instance confesses her panic fear of “becoming fat”. She even tries eagerly to flee from physiological weight gain during pregnancy. Who wonders that not only celebrities, but also young “average consumers” become addicted to thinness obsession evermore? Obviously it is not in Blake’s […]

Melting Away Fat Pads with Twincretin?

For several years the fitness sector is booming, because both men and women hardly spare any effort to reach their desired figure. However, many of them suffer from persistent problem areas, which can just be reduced insufficiently despite intensive workout. In particularly severe forms of this problem, such as obesity or lipedema, social exclusion, isolation, […]

Spermidine: The Fountain of Youth?

Spermidine is a substance which is produced by our body and ingested with food. People who are getting very old have a high concentration of it in their blood. It seems to cause the same cleaning program in our body as fasting does: Defect cell components are digested and removed from the body. Cells and […]