How Are the Body’s Own Stem Cells from Fat Able to Help Athletes Suffering from Joint Problems?

Top athletes have long known it: Stem cells from the body’s own fat can help in osteoarthritis and other joint problems after sports injuries.

First of all a small amount of body fat is harvested through liposuction. Within the same treatment immediately after liposuction the body’s own stem cells contained in the fat are separated and injected into the region of the joint to be treated.

But why are treatments with autologous stem cells able to improve joint pain and mobility, partly even after a very short time?

According to current scientific knowledge the mechanism of the body’s own stem cells is as follows:

Stem cells release cytokines (cell hormones), which on one hand stop the immune system to remove damaged cartilage, and on the other hand stimulate local cells to regenerate cartilage.

The potential of therapies with autologous stem cells is considered enormous. Globally, the possible benefits of stem cells in the treatment of heart diseases, diabetes, joint disorders, neurological and endocrine diseases, and other degenerative processes is explored. Even with diseases that are not treatable with established treatments, one hopes for stem cell therapy.

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