Did Miranda Kerr Want to Win Back Her “Ex” Orlando Bloom by Breast Augmentation?

For many women and men Miranda Kerr is the epitome of a beautiful, young woman. Successfully she is running for the most popular designers, moreover she has already secured big campaigns of Reebok and H&M and at the latest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows she had all eyes on her. It is known that only the most beautiful of all are under contract with Victoria’s Secret and besides Miranda also Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio are shining.

We can easily imagine that the 32-year-old top model turns the photographers and paparazzi’s heads frequently. Endless long legs, a perfect complexion, not a gram too much and a smile that couldn’t be more enchanting.

However, Miranda has never had a particularly big breast and she didn’t make a secret about that. Why not – for every woman another type of breast fits well and tall slim women often have a rather small breast from nature, which can look perfect.

But if we believe various boulevard magazines such as Cosmopolitan or if taking a closer look, it seems that somebody recently had had a hand in Miranda. So she was shining at the after show party on the occasion of the Oscar awards with long, elegant gown and a neckline, which allowed deep insights and showed firm hills. Since that day the gossip factory is working overtime: Is that real or did someone give a helping hand?

In any case, the model’s management vehemently denies that Miranda underwent a breast augmentation. But fans and media cannot be convinced that easily – anyhow, there are only two possibilities for such an increase of breast volume in adult females. Either the breast became bigger resulting from a general weight gain or breast volume was added in a natural way. Because the former can obviously be waived for Miranda and her model measurements, only the visit of a “beauty doc” remains.

Rumor mill runs hot and many wonder what could be the motivation for Miranda’s breast augmentation. Malicious tongues claim that she wanted to win back her ex-husband Orlando Bloom with a bigger breast – so the supposition of oe24.at. As a reader of my blog you know that this normally doesn’t work because for us men breast size has minor importance for maintaining a relationship. It was more likely rather about her female self-esteem and a long-held desire.

Perhaps after breastfeeding her son Flynn she simply wasn’t satisfied anymore with her breast.

Breast augmentations can happen in different kind of ways. Patients who do especially put value on naturalness often refuse artificial silicone implants and prefer autologous fat as autologous filler. By means of breast augmentation with the body’s own fat and stem cells such real-looking results can be achieved – not even experienced doctors are able to recognize that the procedure was performed in hindsight. Hence it is well possible that Miranda Kerr had decided for this gentle and scar-free type of treatment to increase her breast volume without hazarding the unpleasant side effects of silicone implants, such as scars.

In breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat, an enhanced form of common autologous fat transfer, autologous fat tissue is gently harvested with microcannulas and refined in a complex procedure before injecting it into the breast. For liposuction, which is necessary to obtain the fat, we exclusively use microcannulas; it is performed under local anesthesia in precise handwork without tissue-straining mechanical suction machines.

After a breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat the breast looks absolutely natural in every position, as well as in movement. Even the aftercare is much easier than with implants. Because we don’t use a scalpel for our method in contrast to implant surgeries there are typically no scars developing, which act as evidence in case silicone implants are used for breast enlargement. In particular for a model such scars could be disturbing at the next bikini shooting and maybe even cost the one or other job.

However, regardless of that: If Miranda has actually decided for a breast augmentation she has hopefully chosen the most body-conserving method without unattractive scars. Then her manager could continue to assert that everything is “natural”, and it would be difficult to prove that Miranda cheated a bit by improving her beauty by surgery.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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