Qualification and Expertise

In our Clinic DDr. Heinrich® we offer cutting edge treatments for the regeneration, rejuvenation, and optimization of the body.

We use interdisciplinary medical findings from all areas of international research in the selection, advancement, and performance of our treatments and make the highest demands on effectiveness, naturalness, and gentleness to the body. The latest research results from international specialists in medical science are the basis for the treatments we offer:

Interdisciplinary Training and Advanced Training

Medical advances are particularly rapid in the field of regeneration and rejuvenation medicine. The high demand my team and I place on ourselves is to offer you the best possible care and quality.

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, MD

Modern regeneration and rejuvenation medicine utilizes findings from various medical fields, e.g., surgery, cell biology, and endocrinology. It requires interdisciplinary treatment approaches, because techniques from many areas of medicine and surgery are employed.

DDr. Heinrich has therefore chosen the interdisciplinary training as a (specialist) doctor of general medicine*. As one of the first European doctors he has completed the Board Certification** under the strict conditions of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and is a certified aesthetic surgeon in the category of Dermatologic Aesthetic Surgery.

DDr. Heinrich places particular importance on international professional exchange. Due to regular participation in international congresses and lectures in front of a specialist audience DDr. Heinrich is connected to a worldwide medical network dedicated to new therapeutic developments in regenerative and aesthetic medicine. His scientific work and his long-term focus on body fat and its therapeutic potential have allowed him to develop various patents, such as special microcannulas for liposuction.

* In Austria: Doctor of general medicine or general practitioner (Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin)
** There is no such comparable education in Austria