John Goodman: 50 Kilos Less, More Health in Return

Since the two U.S. cartoon producers Hanna and Barbera presented The Flintstones in the 60ies, those became the most popular TV cartoon series of the U.S. for many years. Not until 1997 The Simpsons had outstripped them. On the basis of the cult series a movie with human actors was produced in 1994, which has also been quite successful. U.S. actor and comedian John Goodman, who also made lasting impressions in other principal roles like in Blues Brothers or the hit series Roseanne – not least because of his constantly growing corpulence – was convincing in the role of Fred Flintstone here.

However, in his current movie Trumbo the 63-year-old actor shows himself very altered next to Helen Mirren. At his last public performances he sprang a surprise as he presented himself on the red carpet lean as never before. For many the former heavyweight was barely recognizable.

With the help of professionals the Golden Globe winner succeeded in losing as much as 50 kilos. “I was sick of being fat,” John admits. Moreover, he is now feeling happier and energetic, that’s why he has decided to get more health-conscious. We can only congratulate him on this change of mind, because overweight means great burden for anyone’s body. Joint problems such as osteoarthritis due to the permanent overload of joints, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic disorders like diabetes are only a few of many dangerous consequences of being overweight. Added to these are restrictions in everyday life and mental load.

After many years of being overweight it is a challenge to recover normal weight. Crash diets like they are propagated by many Hollywood stars or top models are not only detrimental to the health, but in the long term also almost always useless because of the yo-yo effect.

We do not know John’s “slimming plan”. According to reports he has changed his eating habits, left out alcohol and foods that are high in sugar and began with physical training. Whether John has undergone a liposuction in particularly pronounced problem zones like his belly or not will probably remain his secret, as well as whether excessive skin has been removed in a lifting surgery.

Is it actually possible to lose weight sustainably and in a way that is gentle to the body at the same time?

To reduce weight sustainably and in a healthy way we recommend a medically-supported weight loss. After a precise analysis of preliminary examination reports an individual therapy plan is created. The patient’s real needs, his or her current state of health, and the specific slimming aim are decisive parameters. Treatments plans include nutritional prescriptions, sportive actions, and, if necessary, also medical surgical procedures such as a liposuction with microcannulas.

It has proven as successful to always examine the hormone status in addition at the initial health check. In case of severe overweight hormonal imbalances which can make a weight loss much more difficult are very often present. If this is the case, a Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich (bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy, BHRT) can help to restore the hormone balance. As a consequence losing weight will be much easier.

When being overweight it often makes sense to start the medically-supported weight loss with a liposuction with microcannulas. At first sight it might sound surprising that this liposuction should stand at the beginning of the actual weight loss, but this is important for three reasons: Firstly, by the means of liposuction particular unwelcome problem zones, which are especially persistent and which resist diet and training, can be pre-shaped. Secondly, with the help of liposuction fat depots can be reduced, which are able to produce the female hormone estrogen that in turn promotes further fat storage. And thirdly a liposuction reduces the risk of hanging skin developing after a heavy weight loss.

John Goodman has worked hard for his desired weight and has won vitality as a side effect. He now feels obviously more comfortable in his “new” body. We say: Respect and thumbs up for this – in the full sense of the word – strong performance. Fred’s shout of joy “Yabba Dabba Doo!” would be appropriate for John too.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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