Gisele Bündchen: Wearing a Burka to get Secret Breast Augmentation?

At the tender age of 13 Gisele took part in a model class in her homeland because her mother wished it so. Henceforward she won one model contest after another and became an icon bit by bit. Since about 20 years she beats her way through the hard model business and meanwhile ranks among the best-paid models of the world according to Forbes. As mother of two she lives her life almost free from scandals. Gisele seems to be flawless, living an exemplary life.

Already since the end of summer rumors are circulating that the German-Brazilian top model Gisele Bündchen had herself put on the surgical table for a new chest. What’s that special about it? As an advocate of the natural beauty philosophy Gisele described such procedures as absolutely superfluous up to now. Did she now convert to the beauty mainstream?

In former decades, at the time when cosmetic surgeries yet were said to be wicked and treated as a topic which was only discussed behind closed doors, the ladies of the society checked in to private clinics where they got lifted or elsewhere optimized discretely from a surgeon of their choice. Their stay was officially declared as life-cell therapy or the like. Some of these cures just had, apart from rejuvenating in the true sense of the word, also “incisive” facial modifications as a result.

Nowadays people already have a more open mind about it, except when one is contravening self-selected and often-published maxims. Then it seems to be necessary to reach for the well-tried secrecy. However, it remains to be seen whether it was elegant that Gisele did just cover herself with a burka to enter the private clinic undetected, as the New York Post reported. Probably the decision wasn’t a statement on zeitgeist, but simply pragmatic. In fact, a lot of covered ladies from the Near East undergo surgeries in Europe, and with a burka the covering is complete and attracts less attention.

Malicious tongues claim that it wasn’t only the chest, which has been modified in the clinic. However – on holiday pictures Gisele’s breast now definitely appears full and considerably bigger than before.

Autologous fat is particularly suitable for women who attach value on naturalness. If more natural breast volume is required, fat is obtained from body regions where it is available and implanted into the breast. In this breast augmentation with autologous fat or stem cells fat is harvested by the means of liposuction with microcannulas. The obtained fat gets injected into breast tissue immediately after harvesting, either in untreated or stem cell-enriched form. The implanted autologous fat transforms into a part of the naturally augmented breast, which is typically retained in the long-term. Such a treatment takes about 2 hours and is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

We do not know which method of breast augmentation Gisele did choose. If it was autologous fat/stem cells the Brazilian did not only spare the risks of general anesthesia, the breast augmented in a natural way would also fit better to her body than silicone implants, which can be detected at the latest in movement.

In a way she could still call herself a natural beauty and claim that every part of her body is “real”. Because her breast would be augmented with true body cells, says

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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