To Stay Healthy We Need Bioidentical Hormones – “Hormone Replacement Therapies” (HRT) with Synthetic Estrogens Rather Not

Well, are hormones now useful or harmful? Such a question can in fact only be asked by someone who does not know much about the hormone topic.

Hormones are essential for our general wellbeing, capability, and vitality. Our immune system, our memory, our whole body can only work if hormonal levels are balanced. With increasing age the capability of our hormonal glands and organs diminishes. Distress, multiple strains, an exhausting lifestyle, and malnutrition additionally affect our natural hormone production and accelerate wear.

Chronic lack of hormones can be reason for numerous sufferings or rather worsen the symptoms. Estrogen levels, for instance, decrease with increasing age, which is commonly accompanied with an impairment of our mental state as well as unpleasant outward changing of our appearance. The same applies to many other hormones such as testosterone, cortisol, thyroid hormones, progesterone, DHEA, etc. To provide a remedy the idea of supplying the body with lacking hormones to compensate deficiencies was born.

Justified Criticism of Common Hormone Replacement Therapy

Again and again opponents of hormones refer to the study of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) which was abandoned 12 years ago. In this study the effect of the hormone replacement therapy with female sex hormones was observed. This kind of hormone replacement therapy was anything but optimal for multiple reasons. By far the most important ones:

  1. Patients were only treated using monotherapy with female sex hormones regardless of the lack of many other hormones.

  2. The “hormones” used were in fact synthesized, hormone-similar drugs with different molecular structure.

  3. The female hormone medications were in particular given postmenopausal women who naturally produce fewer sex hormones from their menopause on even if they have an optimal lifestyle.

In so far side effects had to be expected.

Hormonal Regeneration® Instead of Monotherapies with Synthetic “Hormone Medications”

Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich, also called Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) regenerates the body both inside and outside. The decisive factor of hormone replacement therapies above all is the form of hormones supplied, as well as an accurate planning, preparation, and application of the treatment.

It is essential that only nature-identical hormones are used, that means hormone preparations which correspond in chemical structure to the hormones produced by our body. These so-called bioidentical hormones unfold the same effects in our body as our own hormones do.

In the controversial common “hormonal replacement therapy” (HRT) synthetic hormones are administered which are not nature-identical.

In common HRT the lack of only one certain hormone (normally estrogen) was treated by the means of a monotherapy, although the human body produces a number of hormones, which interact with each other.

Thus in a BHRT the levels of all essential hormones are determined and the bioidentical hormones are dosed in a well-matched way, so that a comprehensive treatment is happening.

Planning, Preparation, and Performance of the Medical Treatment

At the beginning of BHRT there is a thorough evaluation of the patient’s health condition. This includes an analysis of the patient’s medical history, obtaining of a comprehensive hormone status and an exact analysis of the personal state. Like in most therapies there are certain contraindications, whereby although nature-identical hormones which equal our body’s own hormones are in general very well tolerated at the right dosage. Depending on the medical history some individual features have to be heeded, thus when administering estrogen in women with raised or unstable blood pressure or coagulation disorders caution should be used.

With a Hormonal Regeneration® balanced hormone levels can be restored to a certain degree. For our patients the treatment is accompanied with a gain in energy, zest for life, inner balance, and harmony. Externally the treatment of hormone deficiencies often effects a rejuvenation of the body, wrinkles get smoothed, and tissue gets tightened and regains firmness. Hormonal Regeneration® normally lasts for either 3 or 6 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days). Refreshments and repetitions are individually determined as required. There are special therapy programs for particular therapeutic goals.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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