Hillary Clinton: Is Donald Trump Responsible for Her Facelift?

As favorite of the Democrats around the candidature for the elections of the US president Hillary Clinton stays under massive pressure whilst being permanently present in the media. Not only her intra-party rival Sanders discomforts her, also the Republicans are tough opponents who do not mince matters, whether it is about a private e-mail server which she also used for e-mail communication of the State Department or the Ivy League graduate’s problem of appearing “affable” towards simple people. Everything is brought to light in a relentless way.

It is well known that especially the Republican Donald Trump is showing fewer scruples in emphasizing his enemies’ weaknesses drastically. In doing so he already has satirized women quite less gentleman-like. Did Hillary quasi act in advance to waive Donald’s gleeful comments regarding her drawn and saggy face associated with age and marital frustration?

Hillary wants to appear as a resilient and affable woman who should serve as role model for many middle class citizens. Thereby she should also radiate outward vitality and youthfulness. Obviously Bill Clinton’s wife preferred a facelift as the solution to get her facial contours back in shape. A surgical facelift whereat sagging facial skin is fold up and snipped off isn’t exactly a low-risk surgery. In Hillary’s case this facelift could have been the only possibility to remove all the destructions of age and the marks of undergone frustration and disappointments in her life. After all she will turn 70 soon.

When searching for natural alternatives to counteract the destructions of age timely, a facelift is superfluous – here are the therapies which Hillary could have had decided for some years ago:

First of all a timely therapy with bioidentical hormones would have been recommendable to lend her tissue new tension from within. Therapies with bioidentical hormones are restoring hormonal balance again, renew zest for life, and rejuvenate, in the result inwards as well as outwards.

Instead of a real facelift a stem cell facelift would have been recommendable for a bit younger Hillary. This is a treatment with stem cells extracted from body fat, in which skin and subcutaneous tissue are regenerated due to the rejuvenating effect of the body’s own stem cells. In the course of this treatment a small amount of the patient’s fat is obtained by the means of liposuction. This body fat contains precious stem cells, which are injected into desired body areas (such as face, hands, cleavage) after special preparation.

If Hillary would have chosen this procedure on time, Donald could have pulled her leg for anything and everything, but he would not have found a reason for body-related malice. For a 70-year-old she would have been looking dazzling, which would also have been recognized by womanizer Donald Trump, with all due political opposition. And she would have two scars less behind her ears.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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