Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery in Vienna

One of the best-known streets in Vienna – the Herrengasse with its famous Café Central – is closely linked to Russian history and therefore also a well-attended address. According to an anecdote the communist politician and revolutionist Lew Dawidowitsch Bronstein, better known as Leo Trotzki, lived as an emigrant in Vienna from October 1907 to the beginning of the First World War, playing chess frequently in the Café Central. When somebody was asking Heinrich Graf Clam-Martinic, an Austrian politician at this time, if a revolution in Russia would be possible, he should have meant: “Who should now start a revolution? Perhaps Mister Bronstein from the Café Central?”

Directly vis-à-vis from the Café Central Clinic DDr. Heinrich®, founded in 1994 by DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, is situated, which also enjoys popularity among Russian patients for gentle treatments for optimization, rejuvenation and regeneration of the body. The following treatments are provided by DDr. Heinrich, who is active on the field of therapeutically-indicated aesthetic surgery and regenerative medicine and holding patents on medical developments: Breast augmentation with autologous fat and stem cells, liposuction with microcannulas, which are partly developed and patented by DDr. Heinrich himself, regenerative therapies with stem cells and bioidentical hormones (BHRT), treatments for regeneration of face, skin, and hair, and therapies for weight loss.

Because language barriers are never welcome, Clinic DDr. Heinrich® has Russian-speaking personnel at its disposal that is going to care after you around the clock. To guarantee that you feel optimally treated according to your special wishes and demands there is the possibility to book VIP service. So even the highest demands get satisfied.

With this in mind: Welcome to Vienna!

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