Beyoncé Knowles: Yo-Yo Effect after Crash Diets

R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles began her career as member of Destiny’s Child, one of the most popular girl bands worldwide which wowed the crowd with hits like Survivor or Independent Women. Today she is performing on the stage without the girls, and as can be seen with success: 2009 she was priced by the Billboard magazine as best artist of the decade. 2014 she was chosen as most influential artist by the Forbes magazine and achieved the Video Vanguard Award for her lifework at the age of 32.

Unlike the success of her artistic work, which is constant, Beyoncé’s curvy silhouette undergoes changes as can be noted when looking at various paparazzi photos in the media. Yet in May the singer presented herself slimmer than ever before in a breath of nothing, while only a few months later she was strolling along the beach with voluptuous curves. According to the celeb magazine Gala the diagnosis is clear: yo-yo effect.

The yo-yo effect can be defined as an undesired consequence of crash diets: Useless fasting for days and exhausting workouts – as fast as pounds are shedding, that fast they are on the scale again (and often even some extra pounds in addition). Jay-Z’s wife Beyoncé is well aware of this problem. Already in the past Beyoncé was frequently relying on crash diets in which common meals are replaced by calorie-free lemonade which lets the pounds melt off. For her role in Dreamgirls Beyoncé lost – believe it or not – 10 kilos within 10 days in this way. Can be healthy at all?

Definitely not! By doing crash diets our body interprets the calorie restriction as “starvation”. Many metabolic processes are thus put on the back burner so that our energy consumption decreases. This means that the energy demand is reduced after a crash diet. As soon as former lifestyle and eating habits are revived, every calorie too much is reflecting on the scale – the consequence is an accelerated weight gain and often even a higher weight compared to the time prior to the weight loss.

Calorie reduction and fasting are good for the ideal weight and health but only within certain limits. Exaggeration does harm here like everywhere else too.

Although many stars like Beyoncé know that (due to own experiences) for sure, they still engage in health-endangering crash diets again and again – because it simply has to run fast. This impatience has to be paid dearly, because the yo-yo trap hits mercilessly.

In the longer term Beyoncé would certainly have more success with a medically-assisted weight loss therapy. Hence kilos won’t drop within the shortest time, however, they disappear for the long-term and in a healthy way.

The process is following: After the actual state of health is investigated an individualized therapy concept is developed. With a change of diet, sporty activities, and a regeneration of balanced hormone levels the desired weight can be achieved sustainably step by step. A medically-assisted weight loss is mostly lasting for several months.

Particularly persistent fat pads can be removed best prior to the weight loss by the means of liposuction. By using microcannulas the procedure is very gentle.

By the way: The body’s own fat contains precious stem cells which can be used in manifold ways due to their regenerative potential. Stem cells or stem cell-enriched autologous fat are for example suitable for the treatments of osteoarthritis and skin and facial regeneration. And because Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline was lately relaying the message to Beyoncé’s chagrin that the 34-year-old R&B singer had a muffed Botox treatment, by planning a stem cell treatment in her face in connection with a weight loss she would “kill two birds with one stone.”

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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