Simon Cowell: Caught in the Botox Trap?

Anyone who believes that Botox would solely be a women’s issue is entirely wrong. The living proof is music and film producer Simon Cowell. He knows that aging in men isn’t always supportive for their attractiveness, as is often argued. Thus he tries to resist wrinkles by hook or by crook.

In the TV show The X-Factor the 56-year-old head judge is looking for vocal talents, whose ability he is evaluating more or less complaisantly. For a change this time he was the one who had to take criticism recently, namely from co-juror Sharon Osbourne. Her cheeky remark referring to his appearance: “Your face is so full of filler and Botox it’s like it doesn’t move. At least mine screws up.”

As you know as a reader of my blog, Botox is not only widely used by celebrities but also by the woman (or man) from next door – after all it is affordable, injected quickly, and it shows its effect rapidly. As is generally known, botulinumtoxin is a highly dosed neurotoxin. It paralyzes the mimic musculature, whereby movements and therewith the formation of wrinkles is restricted. If injecting too much, it can even happen that one mouth angle is hanging or a frozen, doll-like facial expression is developing. Fortunately the effect of a Botox exaggeration is forming back after some months.

The Briton openly admits that he had overacted with Botox. Because he sees his appearance as his productive factor frequent beauty treatments are featured on the program. Starting with aluminum and cling wraps via detox cures right through to the application of face masks out of sheep placenta, the critical juror has already tried out several (partially alleged) beauty tricks. Shouldn’t we give him, for a change, advices that really help?

Aging signs of the skin can be treated on cellular and hormonal level.

A treatment with stem cells helps aging skin tissue to regenerate on cellular level. Thereby in the first step the patient undergoes a liposuction performed using gentle microcannulas. From this portion of fat stem cells are isolated and afterwards injected into the facial areas to regenerate. The procedure takes place on an outpatient basis – like all of our treatments – and under local anesthesia, so that the risks of a general anesthesia can be waived and a rapid return to everyday life is possible, what can be very important for people of Simon’s profession.

If volume in the face got lost, stem cell-enriched autologous fat can be implanted. But in most cases hollow cheeks are rather a symptom of weakened adrenal glands and are better and more cause-specifically treated with bioidentical hormones. Something similar applies to hanging cheeks, which should be treated with a Hormonal Regeneration® as long as possible instead of using artificial fillers or performing facelifts.

Another method which gets more and more popular in the world of the stars is the so-called vampire lifting, in which platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used. In the course of this treatment blood platelets and growth factors are obtained from the patient’s own blood, which both have a rejuvenating effect on skin regions treated.

Anyone who stands in public life like Simon should be able to deal with criticism and shouldn’t take anything personally. But also celebrities aren’t pleased with malicious comments. To prevent further spiteful gibes regarding his face, Simon, anyway known as adventuresome, could also combine our mentioned treatments to achieve the best possible result without mask-like characteristic.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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