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Cosmetic surgery is not always required to slightly reverse signs of aging. Consistent body care, careful use of own resources and the conscious treatment of individual weak spots could possibly work small miracles!

From now on, you have got the opportunity to indulge your body and to increase your well-being – conveniently from the comfort of your home from where you may comfortably and simply order the products through our online shop!

Essential Cellular Beauty®

Exclusively available to you in our online shop – our beauty care product range that has been partly developed and formulated by DDr. Heinrich himself.

High-quality growth factors rejuvenate the skin and improve hair growth. The war against cellulite is successfully declared: Perfect Skin and Hyaluron Plus regenerate your skin internally and strengthen the connective tissue.

Essential Cellular Power®

Exclusively available to you in our online shop – our health care product range.

In the course of time, weak digestion, stress and overloading leave external traces on the face and the body. Wrinkles, “sunken cheeks,” overweight and sagging parts of the skin are unfortunately too well known as unpleasant consequences.

Through the specific supply of strengthening substances you are able to manage the daily stress, remain healthy and fit and increase your well-being!

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