Autumn – Cold and Flu Season: Instant Chi Candies

Formula from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cool temperatures in autumn and winter increase our chances of suffering from colds and coughs.

During my studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I rediscovered ancient knowledge on how to protect the body from catching colds, and developed Instant Chi Candies.

Frequently, the solution for a problem has been known about since time immemorial. Formulae from Traditional Chinese Medicine allow us to stimulate the immune system and to strengthen the parts of the body affected in a targeted way; throat, nose and pharynx.

We have adapted this millennia-old knowledge to modern tastes and turned it into a candy which will not harm your teeth, as it is made with birch sugar.

Made exclusively with natural ingredients

The candies are made traditionally by hand in my clinic in Vienna, since making them with machinery would necessarily involve the use of artificial additives.

We use exclusively natural ingredients. Birch sugar (xylitol) is used as a basis and a special mixture of roots and herbs are mixed into it.

2 Strengths: Light spicy and Strong spicy

Instant Chi Candies

Instant Chi Candies are available in two strengths: Strong spicy and Light spicy. Strong spicy is stronger and more effective and recommended to those who like sharp tastes. Light spicy is sufficient for preventing colds.

If you are already showing the first symptoms of a cold or want to treat a cold, you should take Strong spicy since Light spicy won’t be effective enough.

For preventive purposes, suck the candies two to three times a day.

Instant Chi Candies are good for your teeth and you can suck them after cleaning your teeth, for example in bed.

If you already have the symptoms of a cold, take a candy every two hours. They have a slightly stimulating effect on the digestion, which is beneficial to the immune system. If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor first before taking the candies.

Instant Chi Candies are available at well-assorted pharmacies, health food shops and directly from our webshop.

I wish that your autumn and winter will be a cold-free one!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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