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Who disfigured Michael Jackson?

In Austrian television recently the theme of the Club 2 programme was “Silicone and slimness mania”. Amongst others, Dr. Mang, Dr. Holle, Cordula Reyer, as well as a philosopher, a music manager and a media sociologist took part in the discussion. I thought the discussion philosophically very inspiring in part, but even the cosmetic surgeons […]

Do cosmetic surgeons create zombies?

I have just read that my colleague Dr. Mang from Germany, a cosmetic surgeon well-known in the media who took part in a soap opera about beauty, has published a critical book on cosmetic surgery. General theme: No more superfluous breast augmentation, facelifts, or liposuction – stop making zombies out of people! My respect! Dr. […]

An end to plastic and scalpels?

It really is time to put an end to patients undergoing the excesses of exaggerated aesthetic surgery that is no longer up to date! Unnatural-looking silicone breasts, tight, lifted, doll-like faces – from the point of view of doctors this could all soon be a thing of the past. An interdisciplinary beauty and rejuvenatory medical […]