Methods of Rejuvenation: Extension of Telomeres (Part 4)

Telomeres are sections of our chromosomes that determine the life span of the individual cell. The longer they are, the longer the cell’s ability to divide and thereby replace lost cells of the body. With each cell division the telomeres get a bit shorter, until they are finally completely depleted.

If you give the cells a drug that extends the telomeres, the biological potency of the cells obviously increases and the cell lives longer. To date there are no approved drugs for the extension of telomeres, whereas experimental substances such as TA-65 are available, which are manufactured on the basis of TCM herbs. Here, the concentration of the active ingredient (usually extracted from the plant astragalus) is increased, thereby enhancing the regenerating effect that is already well-known from the plant itself.

We test these substances for quite some time in my clinic. However, it requires taking several months until an effect is visible: The skin actually looks younger and revitalized, sun damages of the skin regress and the patient generally feels better. I am confident that this treatment will prevail in the future.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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