The expensive business of eternal youth

The decisive factor in maintaining vitality, performance, and youthfulness right up to old age is the ability for the hormone glands to consistently produce the body’s hormones in the right quantities. However, hormone production requires a high level of energy and the body often starts already at the age of 30 years to “save” in this direction. When this process of saving starts and how quickly it progresses, depends mainly on ones genetic material and ones living circumstances (e.g. exercise, diet, stress, etc).

You can recognize from people’s faces and bodies, whether they are already in the hormone “save” mode or whether their hormone glands are still producing sufficient amounts of them. Those people who look much younger than they actually are, always have hormone levels similar to those of much younger people – either due to “natural” (i.e. genetic) reasons or because they are receiving hormone treatments.

While discussion in Austria is still concentrating on the sense or not of administering hormones at a certain age; this is no longer a theme at international anti-aging conferences. International experts now concentrate purely on as to when, how and at what dosage bioidentical hormones should be administered once the performance of the body’s own hormone producing glands has slowed down.

An effective anti-aging treatment therefore begins with a comprehensive analysis of all relevant hormones and the detection of hormone deficiencies. The subsequent therapy then utilizes as natural as possible bioidentical hormones, together with of course a growth hormone when a deficiency exists. This is because simply put – despite its name – it is not only used to “grow,” but also to maintain the body in a stable and vital condition.

Despite existing hormone deficiencies, it is often sufficient every few years to make a treatment with bioidentical hormones spanning several months. This is because the optimization of the hormone levels over a specific time period not only appears to have a considerable regeneration effect on every organ, but also stays effective for a long period. Very stubborn visible signs of aging can be made to disappear by means of microcannular liposuction and stem cell treatment using the body’s own stem cells.

Of course, such hormone treatments should only be performed by specialized doctors and consideration must especially be made about the patient’s overall hormone balance. Everything, such as weight reduction is even easier when hormones are in balance with each other. The good news is that through these treatments many of the alternative anti-aging measures, which mostly involve self-mortification, can be totally avoided.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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