Here’s a secret: How to keep colds at bay…

Perhaps you already heard about it – this winter had the lowest levels of sunshine recorded in the past 100 years. Although many patients prefer to have their gentle aesthetic surgeries done during the summer, we also have a lot of work in this exceptionally dark, dreary winter. However, some of our patients had to postpone their scheduled stem cell breast augmentation, microcannular liposuction or Hormonal Regeneration® due to influenza.

In contrast, throughout the years, I have never had to postpone a scheduled surgery because of a cold. People sometimes ask me why I am always so healthy and fit in the winter when all around everyone is sick, coughing or has the flu. Today, I would like to give away one of my little secrets – for a change, this secret has nothing to do with bioidentical hormones or stem cells: We make our own immune-strengthening drops in my clinic and I take a few of them every day during the cold months.

Of course, these are not just ordinary “cough drops” you can get at the pharmacy or drugstore. Initially, they are made with birch sugar (xylitol) and are therefore totally different than real lozenges; good for the teeth, since they stimulate their mineralization and get rid of bad bacteria. That is why I haven’t had any unpleasant experiences with dentists for over 30 years… In addition, birch sugar stimulates the digestion, which is another positive effect. It goes without saying that they also do not contain any questionable ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, e.g. Aspartame, which is unfortunately used in “light” drinks.

Birch sugar alone certainly does not protect us from colds and flu. For this, a combination of herbal and root extracts is required, which I found in traditional Chinese medicine when conducting research into aesthetic-regenerative issues. They could also be consumed without birch sugar, but the taste without it is difficult to get used to, in fact, for most Europeans, the taste is quite horrible. However, the combination with birch sugar and other flavors gives it a very pleasant taste.

Since my friends and staff repeatedly keep asking me to give them some of these drops, I also do not want to keep them from you any longer, my dear patients and newsletter subscribers: We now also offer our immune-strengthening candy to you! They come in two different strengths: Light spicy and Strong spicy. Strong spicy has the greater effect, but some people prefer Light spicy, especially when first trying them.

How do you take them? As a preventive measure, suck one of these drops three to seven times a day until it has dissolved and a pleasantly strong taste has spread through your mouth and throat. Since these drops are handmade and contain no sugar or chemical additives, they tend to crumble and dissolve more quickly than ordinary cough lozenges. This is intended, because in this way, they take effect more quickly. If you already have a cold, take a drop every two hours. The cold will clear up and your symptoms are more likely to disappear faster.

Order your Instant Chi Candies here. I hope that you remain healthy and without a cold for the remaining winter days, and wish you a lovely and successful spring!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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