Body Forming: Ideal Figure and Bikini Cleavage Instead of Winter Fat

Finally… Summer is just around the corner!

After dismal winter weather we cannot wait to banish our thick winter jackets into the back of our wardrobe, showing more skin again and indulging in summery pleasure.

But often there is a question arising: What can we do to get rid of winter fat and to make our skin fit for the summer?

Gentle Body Forming

Unwelcome fat pads can get hold of with liposuction with microcannulas or fat-away injection. Problem zones such as saddlebags, double chin or “love handles” around the belly are treated specifically; the body’s silhouette is perfected. All treatments are performed on an outpatient basis and the result can be seen immediately after the treatment.

Patient before and after microcannular liposuction

The after photo shows the result actually achieved by the treatment.

As accompanying measure a medically-supported weight reduction can make sense.

Bikini Cleavage

Fat obtained by liposuction is a natural filler that can be used to augment breasts gently, to correct dents or to treat other volume deficits.

Tight Skin

Skin tightening treatments fight the war against cellulite and orange skin.

Combination treatments with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) obtained from your own blood give new freshness to your skin. Especially in the facial area the so-called vampire lifting is utilized for regeneration.

Autologous fat obtained by liposuction contains valuable stem cells, which can be used for skin regeneration of the face or other body areas.

We all wish you a nice summer! If you want to lend the nature a hand we are glad to answer your phone call on +43 1 532 18 01 (Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 6 pm) or your message.

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