Weight Loss: Quicker Decrease of Fat through Additional Liposuction or Fat-Away Injection?

Vienna (2014-09-16) — It has long been a known fact in the field of aesthetic surgery that a liposuction facilitates a patient’s weight loss. The reasons for that are still unclear. “It’s not merely psychology – the body is obviously programmed for fat loss through the liposuction, thereby losing weight works much better afterwards. Fat cells that produce the fat-building hormones are also destroyed,” says DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, a Viennese physician working in the area of aesthetic surgery and regenerative medicine.

What has previously been unknown: Other methods of local fat removal apparently also help with losing weight! DDr. Heinrich: “Patients report that they lost weight more easily after a fat-away injection and with the same diet as in the weeks before the treatment. This could mean good news for many people looking to slim down.” The Clinic DDr. Heinrich® supports patients with fat-away injections, liposuctions and individually customized treatments for weight loss to achieve their ideal weight and desired body shape.

Due to the fact that the fat-away injection does not require surgery, it might well become the method of choice for patients seeking help with losing weight. The fat-away injection or injection lipolysis has been known in Europe since around the year 2003. It makes use of a fat-dissolving compound that is used for the intravenous treatment of fat embolisms. This substance is injected into the fat deposits that the patient wishes to have reduced.

The fat-away injection is primarily used to treat local fat pads in the patient’s face and on his or her body as well as to treat cellulite. It also helps the regression of skin folds, which can be caused by a decrease in weight, to a certain extent as an accompanying measure to the weight loss. Larger fat deposits at the patient’s problem areas can be treated using microcannular liposuction.

A successful weight loss through a change in diet requires a hormonal balance. This balance is often out of order, for example if the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. A hormonal regeneration using bioidentical hormones (BHRT) can help to restore the balance and help the patient lose weight as a consequence.

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