Spring Fever…

Winter is finally coming to an end in the northern hemisphere and the weather is becoming sunnier and warmer.

Most people breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of the coming warm season. However, others feel slightly uneasy at going out in thinner clothing again and having to do without the visual barrier provided by thick winter coats. Problem zones defying diets and training are often difficult to hide under summer clothes.

There are many promising methods, however, having the potential to make your body fit for the summer, even for particularly persistent problem zones.

Lecithin lets small fat pads melt away

Small fat pads on the body and face can be reduced without surgery using a fat-away injection (injection lipolysis). This treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis by using lecithin, a natural substance having fat dissolving properties, which is injected into the area requiring treatment with fine injection needles.

Patient before and after treatment with fat-away injection

The after photo shows the result actually achieved by the treatment. Background coloring harmonized.

Measurement reductions of typically 2 to 4 cm can be expected for the areas treated. Fat-away injection treatment can also be combined with liposuction to achieve an optimal result.

The fat-away injection is also suitable for smaller fat pads, e.g., on the abdomen and hips, but also for a double chin or cellulite.

Using microcannulas for stubborn problem zones

If larger fat pads are to be treated, it can often be useful to have liposuction performed on the areas affected. Liposculpture is a special form of liposuction whereby fat is gently extracted using a purely manual technique. Body forming is carried out optionally with fine microcannulas or the somewhat thicker regular cannulas.

Patient before and after microcannular liposuction

The after photo shows the result actually achieved by the treatment.

When liposuction with microcannulas is performed, the result can be seen immediately after surgery. Normally, the patient only has to wear compression garments for 7 days.

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