Chubby Cheeks: Liposuction or Fat-Away Injection?

A patient sent us an e-mail:

I have chubby cheeks in my face, which I would like to get removed by liposuction.

In such cases sometimes a treatment with fat-away injection (injection lipolysis) is a sufficient alternative to facial liposcultpure for gentle forming of the face. Both facial treatments differ slightly:

In facial liposuction local fat pads are removed gently by using special facial microcannulas. In case of sagging skin an outpatient microfacelift might be useful too. The microfacelift is performed without a scalpel.

Fat-away injection is the favored treatment if just tiny facial fat pads should be reduced. By injecting a fat-dissolving natural substance (lecithin) degeneration of local fat depots is initiated. Repeat treatments are necessary in many cases in order to achieve an optimal result.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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