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Body Forming: Ideal Figure and Bikini Cleavage Instead of Winter Fat

Finally… Summer is just around the corner! After dismal winter weather we cannot wait to banish our thick winter jackets into the back of our wardrobe, showing more skin again and indulging in summery pleasure. But often there is a question arising: What can we do to get rid of winter fat and to make […]

Diabetes, Overweight, Lipedema, Polyneuropathy

A patient mails us: I suffer from persistent overweight and painful lipedema with skin lesions on both legs. I have type 2 diabetes since 2011, which occurred just after the knee joint prosthesis surgery that was followed by a wound healing disorder. In addition, I suffer from untreated polyneuropathy. Her basic problems seem to be […]

When Does Liposuction with Regular Cannulas Make Sense?

Regular cannulas are thicker than microcannulas and allow for a more aggressive, rapid and efficient liposuction. Even 3 month after the liposuction postoperative fat breakdown can happen due to the high aggressiveness of regular liposuction cannulas. Thus the use of microcannulas for liposuction is to prefer when a gentle and precise contour shaping is required. […]

Liposuction and BHRT in Case of Overweight and Lipedema

Do you remember our patient who suffers from massive overweight, lipedema, and possibly diabetes? In the meantime she has lost another 6 kilos, so altogether 14 kilos, after three high-volume liposuctions and consequent medically-assisted weight loss with bioidentical hormones (BHRT) Soon her fourth liposuction will be performed. She is happy and highly motivated to continue weight […]

Weight Loss using Liposuction and Bioidentical Hormones

Do you remember my patient who was suffering from massive overweight, lipedema, and possibly diabetes? In the meantime she has lost 8 kilos after three high-volume liposuctions, consequent medically-assisted weight loss using bioidentical hormones (BHRT)! That’s not enough, but it’s a great success which will make it easier for her to lose even more weight. […]

Knee Problems in Overweight and Diabetes: Weight Loss and Liposuction (Part 1)

Today I got consulted by a 56 year-old overweight entrepreneur who is suffering from severe joint deterioration of his knee. The pressure on the joints caused by overweight leads to premature wear of the cartilage. His diabetes (type 2) is probably the result of a diet rich in starch and sugar. How will we help […]

Diabetes Prevention: Resveratrol Lowers Insulin Resistance in Overweight People

More and more people are overweight. In addition to damage to the joints caused by the continuous extra pressure, obesity can have other serious health consequences: Obesity is considered as a major risk factor for developing an insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus type 2 sooner or later. With increased insulin resistance, the beta cells of […]