Spermidine: The Fountain of Youth?

Spermidine is a substance which is produced by our body and ingested with food. People who are getting very old have a high concentration of it in their blood. It seems to cause the same cleaning program in our body as fasting does: Defect cell components are digested and removed from the body. Cells and organs are thus able to free themselves from toxins and to regenerate. Sounds good – so how do we get to more spermidine?

First of all, by fasting for 24 to 48 hours. In this time enough liquid has to be consumed, preferably such that does not contain any calories like water, tea, soup, etc. During these fasting periods the concentration of spermidine in our body increases, the so-called autophagy (digestion of defect cell components) can proceed. Try it out, you wouldn’t believe how much better and fuller of energy you feel the days after such a fasting period!

So how do we get more spermidine, except by fasting and from sperm? We could eat more of the following things: wheat germs, nuts, citrus fruits, soya beans, mushrooms, and natto (a Korean dish made out of fermented soya beans that is a bit strange for our taste). Weight loss is important as well!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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