Can autologous fat stem cells cure joint deterioration?

Call to participate in internal application observation on joint treatment using stem cells from autologous fat

Vienna (2012-11-10) — For several years, Vienna-based Clinic DDr. Heinrich® has offered esthetic treatment using autologous fat stem cells. Stem cells obtained from extracted fat tissue are successfully used for breast augmentation, facelifts, and skin rejuvenation. An internal application observation shall now examine the therapeutic effects of stem cells in case of joint problems.

Body fat tissue is the most important storage of vital cells, including stem cells and so-called progenitor cells. Regenerative effects observed during esthetic treatment with stem cells from autologous fat in Clinic DDr. Heinrich® are indicative for applications in orthopedics and other medical fields.

For years, veterinarians have successfully carried out therapeutic treatment with animal’s own stem cells on thousands of dogs and racehorses. Stem cells extracted from the animal’s autologous fat seem suitable for regenerating damaged joints, bones, and cartilages. The treatment’s goal is overall regeneration and improvement of physical performance.

Individual centers worldwide now also offer therapeutic treatment in humans using stem cells from autologous fat. Due to the huge potential for success and health benefits, Clinic DDr. Heinrich® is now conducting an internal application observation for treating joints.

Stem cell therapy apparently shows greatest therapeutic benefits in cases of arthritis in initial stages. Stem cells, isolated from a small amount of fat obtained using gentle liposuction with thin microcannulas, are administered via infusion or implanted into the respective joint. Treatment is on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia.

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