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Eternal youth through regenerative stem cell therapy

Clinic DDr. Heinrich® offers revolutionary autologous fat stem cell therapies Vienna (2011-03-08) — Whereas formerly often only the symptoms of age were treated in cosmetic medicine, autologous stem cell-assisted regenerative therapies take a more comprehensive approach: the abundant stem cells in fat tissue are extracted and introduced in the body. The autologous stem cells then exert […]

Stem Cell Facelift – the Royal Road to a young face

Clinic DDr. Heinrich® performs scar-free facelifts and autologous stem cell-assisted facial rejuvenations Vienna (2011-02-23) — Who hasn’t seen those elderly Hollywood divas with doll-like faces overtightened by facelifts performed with scalpels? Modern stem cell technology is putting an end to that! Stem cell facelifts enable remarkable facial rejuvenation and toning with no scars. Henceforth nobody will […]

Safety confirmed of breast augmentation with autologous fat stem cells

Stem cell-enriched autologous fat makes permanent natural breast enlargement Vienna (2010-10-12) — Since 2003, breast augmentation utilizing stem cells from autologous fat has been developed enabling silicon-free breast reconstruction following cancer surgery. Till now though, it was unclear whether this might reactivate the cancer again. However, University of Pittsburgh researchers led by Prof. Albert Donnenberg […]

Potent and vital like Berlusconi

Bioidentical hormone therapy increases sexual performance Vienna (2010-09-07) — Everyone knows of 74 year old Italian prime minister Berlusconi with his youthful looks, endurance, and performance. The gossip about his numerous affairs goes beyond Italy. But how does a man in his 70s do it? Thanks to the power of bioidentical hormones, Hormonal Regeneration® therapy […]

Sex and the City – Samantha and the Hormones

Rejuvenation and regeneration with bioidentical hormones from the Clinic DDr. Heinrich® Vienna (2010-06-08) — In the current episode of SATC, Samantha Jones is rejuvenating herself with bioidentical hormones taken in the form of colorful pills or applied as crèmes. “I am 52, and when you’re 50, I’ll still look like I’m 35,” she says to motivate […]

Breast augmentation with autologous fat stem cells

Clinic DDr. Heinrich® leads in breast augmentation with autologous stem cells Vienna (2010-04-06) — Whereas US and European medical centers are still beginners in breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat, Viennese New Cosmetic Surgery and anti-aging expert DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich is well-versed in this revolutionary method. In his Clinic DDr. Heinrich®, he has been successfully offering breast […]

Breasts like a Hollywood star – completely without silicone or scalpel

Breast augmentation with the body’s own stem cells Vienna (2010-01-19) — The media recently reported on Hollywood star Nicole Kidman’s larger breasts. Breast-feeding her baby has apparently given Ms. Kidman her fuller cleavage. However, pregnancy and breast-feeding do not automatically lead to larger breasts – the opposite can be true. Breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched […]

Full breasts without silicon and scalpels – with stem cell-enriched autologous fat

Gentle methods of New Cosmetic Surgery increasingly replacing more invasive methods Vienna (2009-06-02) — The media recently reported that Miss California entered the pageant with “fake breasts”. This wouldn’t have happened with silicon-free breast enlargement! This novel breast enlargement method neither leaves scars nor does the artificially enlarged breast feel or look unnatural. But breasts […]

Breast augmentation – from the buttock to the breast

New method as solution for old problem Vienna (2009-04-08) — Many women feel uncomfortable with padding around the hips and small breasts. Until recently correction required two operations: One for liposuction, the other for breast enlargement with silicon and scalpel. Today breast augmentation with stem-cell-enriched autologous fat combines both procedures: The fat harvested in liposuction […]

Turn Back the Wheel of Time – like Benjamin Button

Bioidentical hormones for physical rejuvenation and fitness Vienna (2009-02-18) — “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” has come to the movie theatres around the globe. Benjamin Button is born with the appearance and physical maladies of an elderly man but continuously growing younger – ailments and visible signs of ageing disappear. While in the film […]

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