Vasopressin: The Hormone Against Wrinkles and Dry Skin

Vienna (2014-12-02) — Is there a hormone which is able to smooth out wrinkles? According to the Viennese doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich there is one: “The hormone has been known for some time and is called vasopressin. It is responsible for the regulation of our skin’s fluid balance. If one has too little of it, like most of the elderly, the skin is drying out from the inside and becomes wrinkly. From then on external cosmetics like expensive creams and lotions cannot help anymore.”

A lack of vasopressin can be determined by DDr. Heinrich through an appropriate blood analysis. Another important step is the physical examination and an accurate analysis of the face, because hormone deficiencies cannot only be determined by blood tests, which are just a snapshot.

Among younger people it is sufficient to stimulate the body’s vasopressin production with a specially blended mix of amino acids and collagen peptides, like it is contained in Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Drink.

Among elderly the hormone should be supplied regularly. This is the same with many other hormones, which are produced in too little amounts because of age-related wear of hormonal glands: testosterone, thyroid hormones, growth hormones, progesterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, insulin, and several other hormones. A lack of these and other hormones plays a big role in the aging process.

“What helps our skin to look young and vital is also important for essential body functions. Thus taking care of how we look is not just for vanity. Doctors in the ancient times already knew that the outside corresponds to the inside, that the appearance is symptomatic for health,” says DDr. Heinrich. His Clinic DDr. Heinrich® uses bioidentical hormones to help patients with burnout to get back power and vitality, and those who have weight problems to get slim faster.

The important thing regarding hormone replacement therapies is that missing hormones should be supplied preferably in bioidentical form (Bioidentical Hormonal Replacement Therapy, BHRT). This means that they should have the same chemical structure as the hormones produced naturally in the body. Chemically modified, synthetic hormones often show other effects and should not be used for regenerative purposes. In general, a balanced substitution of several hormones combined with other strengthening and regenerative substances is advisable.

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