Testimonial about Breast Augmentation, BHRT, and Stem Cell Therapy

Dear Dr. Heinrich and Team,

It’s been a year since my wife and I came to see you in Vienna from North America and a lot has changed for the both of us, all good, since our visit. Here is a little background and expression of our sincere gratitude for all the mental and physical well-being your procedures have brought to our lives.

Until my wife became sick we were two middle-aged parents and business owners who ate well, never smoked, exercised, didn’t drink often, lived a full and happy life. Then things changed on a level we never imagined.

My wife Elizabeth became ill and it lasted for approximately 2 years. Here is the very short story. She was going anaphylactic monthly (sometimes twice a month) with trips to the hospital after we administered the epi-pen and invariably the hospital would have to administer more epinephrine and steroids to keep the facial swelling at bay. She would stay swollen and unrecognizable for up to 5 days and in pain. This would also involve severe redness, rash, and the usual skin sagging as a result of the swelling. She battled an ongoing unbearable rash over this two-year period that was prevalent whether or not she was going through the anaphylactic stage. Her immune system was also breaking down. They found two overgrown cysts in her breast, which she had removed. Still no improvement in her health. We saw many specialists, allergists, immunologists, dermatologists, the list goes on, in Canada and the USA to no avail. There was no indication through high-level testing or keeping extensive records of what was eaten, environment, etc. as to what the trigger was. Eating totally organic, gluten-free, no alcohol for well over a year hadn’t helped significantly. Two years into this painful process we were no closer to answers than when we started. Dealing with this sickness, work and family consumed our life with no time or energy left. This paragraph cannot begin to convey the disappointment we felt with the traditional medical system, and the desperation we felt knowing that there was no end in sight.

During this time we also explored many non-traditional methods of treatment to combat anaphylaxis, rash, and immune rebuilding with limited success at best. In our search we came upon stem cell therapy, which led us to Dr. Heinrich. There are a few places in the States that do stem cell therapy that we called and researched, but we liked Dr. Heinrich’s methods better. One of which is using your own PRP to enhance the stem cells’ effectiveness. During our research we were also intrigued with Dr. Heinrich’s suggestion of bioidentical hormone replacement to further enhance recovery and overall health.

For myself (Mark) being over 50 and having a high-stress job and dealing with my wife’s ongoing illness it had deteriorated my overall health. My bloodwork showed low red and white blood cells along with a few other abnormalities. I was still functioning but I was drastically losing my edge. Needless to say both of our minds, bodies, and spirits were broken when we went to see Dr. Heinrich, but we remained hopeful.

Here is what happened…

Elizabeth’s Story

Stem cell therapy treatment along with fat transfer stem cell breast injections (Elizabeth had breast surgery to remove overgrown cysts during her two years of sickness which left her somewhat disfigured). We also opted for Dr. Heinrich’s Perfect Skin Powder.

After the stem cell surgery she has been on Dr. Heinrich’s bioidentical hormone replacement for one year now. Here are the results…

  • Not one anaphylactic episode since the stem cell surgery. We haven’t had to use the epi-pen one time much to our amazement. When the anaphylactic swelling would start, Elizabeth would take 2 to 5 Benadryls to keep the swelling at bay. Many times this worked. This happened on average twice a week or 8 to 10 times a month. Once or twice a month the Benadryls weren’t enough and of course we would have to do the epi-pen and go to the hospital for further treatment. Not only has Elizabeth not had a full-blown anaphylactic episode since the surgery, she has only had a handful of episodes where she would have to take multiple Benadryls to keep it under control. We couldn’t be more grateful for these long-lasting results from Dr. Heinrich. This has been a lifesaver and life changer for us and words cannot express our thanks.

  • Overall mental well-being. The two-year sickness with the unknown outcome and specialist upon specialist not offering any help was a real soul-crushing experience that took a wonderfully happy lady and slowly deteriorated that character. Towards the end there were depression, etc. The combination of stem cell therapy and bioidentical hormones has not only saved her life, there has been a turn around that is remarkable. Mentally she’s better than she’s ever been; better than before the sickness started. We believe that the stress alone with the sickness, not to mention the sickness itself, caused her hormones to be depleted, and it was a downward spiral from there. Being older and not having the body’s ability to produce these hormones like it would when you were younger put us in a very bad place. The bioidentical hormones coupled with the stem cell therapy turned this around remarkably well and it’s long-lasting.

  • Handling life in general. This is being done better than ever. When your body is balanced it can let the mind be its best self. Mentally and physically we feel like we did when we were young.

  • Fat transfer stem cell breast injections. We’re both extremely satisfied with the outcome and results of this procedure. It fixed any and all imperfections from the prior-mentioned surgery. Dr. Heinrich took great care to mold and reproduce a perfectly natural-looking full breast.

  • Knee and joint pain. This was bad to severe at times. It’s gone.

  • Physical well-being. It feels like you’re 15 years younger with so much more stamina and strength.

  • Physical appearance. Looks like your 10 years younger.

  • Perfect Skin. Great product to help your skin look younger and more vibrant. Her nails were terrible due to a weakened immune system. Cracked, discolored, weak, etc.; her nails now are in perfect health as they always were with no abnormalities what so ever.

  • Blood work. Her blood counts have had a remarkable rebound over the last year to the point now that everything is within normal parameters.

Mark’s Story

I decided after consulting with Dr. Heinrich to get stem cell therapy along with a stem cell injection in my neck and bioidentical hormone replacement. We were going for Elizabeth but my health was fading too which was backed up by poor bloodwork results. My results have been equally positive. I have had problems go away that I got so used to I didn’t even know they were problems. Here is what I experienced in no particular order.

  • I have always been active and in good health. During the time when my health faded, my body would feel as though it were 500 pounds (very heavy) when I would run or work out. This has totally gone away.

  • I had a neck problem for over 7 years where there was pain there every day. Dr. Heinrich gave me a stem cell injection at that spot and after one month there was no pain. It has never resurfaced.

  • I had psoriasis on my elbows for years and it’s now gone.

  • I had elbow pain for about 3 years and it’s now gone. No injection given to my elbow.

  • My mental ability is much sharper and memory much better. I don’t feel like I’m “struggling” any more.

  • Bloodwork after one year is all within normal range.

  • Strength and endurance is much better.

  • Feel 10 years younger and look 5 or so years younger.

To us Dr. Heinrich’s program helps people in dire need like Elizabeth, but is not restricted to cases like that as I had incredible results as well.

Note: Many of these results took weeks or months to heal. We could notice healing in the beginning but it wasn’t “perfect”. Don’t expect immediate “perfect” results. After weeks or in some cases months we would get involved with daily life and forget about monitoring our healing. That’s when it dawned on us that many things were literally 100 % better. Also on a side note, stem cells and bioidentical hormones don’t “change” you – they help you to become your best self again.

On a final note, all of this was a very stressful and hard endeavor to embark on emotionally and physically. We were going to another country where we did not speak the language to get medical procedures that are very “new” to us coming from North America. Dr. Heinrich and his whole team made any and all stresses and worry in that regard go away. From the very first e-mail transaction we were treated with professionalism, kindness, care, and always kept informed. Any and all questions we had were promptly answered. The advance informative webcam appointments were so helpful and made them seem much closer to home prior to going. The language barrier was never a problem either. Furthermore, they went far and beyond the medical care. They took care of helping us decided on a hotel as well as giving us help and suggestions of fun things to do while in Vienna and while we were there made sure we knew our way around and good restaurants to eat at. The entire team that performed the stem cell procedures on us the day of the operation was extremely caring and competent.

Our sincerest and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Heinrich and Team.

Warmest regards,
Mark and Elizabeth

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