Madonna: Rejuvenated Hands Thanks to Mesotherapy?

“Queen of Pop” Madonna is already cutting quite a figure onstage for several decades. With hits such as Like A Virgin she conquered the charts by storm already in 1984. In the accompanying video Madonna, then 26, is lolling around lasciviously on a gondola through Venetian alleys, showing a lot of skin for those days. Remarkably the U.S. singer was attending a monastery school in her childhood.

As we know the artist attaches much importance to her appearance. No wonder, therefore, that she had tried out all kinds of small aesthetic treatments in her face. Cheeky cosmetic surgeons suppose that many other procedures were carried out on her body.

Currently the singer was seen clad with gloves. The reason therefore was neither an unpredictable temperature drop in the middle of the summer, nor a reminiscence of good old times when women mostly wore gloves; the reason was a rejuvenation cure for her hands, which commonly show a person’s true age as is well known. Madonna had undergone a mesotherapy, during which different substances are inserted into the skin for rejuvenation reasons.

In doing so growth factors of skin cells (Epidermal Growth Factors, EGF) are injected into the skin areas concerned via fine injection needles. Growth factors stimulate skin cells to regenerate, whereby the skin is gaining vitality. Highly visible veins on hands can also be concealed a bit thereby.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) extracted from the patient’s own blood can also be used in the process. When practiced in the face this treatment is also called vampire lifting. Cytokines and tissue hormones contained in blood plasma are helping the skin and subcutaneous tissue to regenerate.

If the skin is already noticeably aged or damaged due to sunlight the regenerative effect of stem cells isolated from the patient’s fat tissue can be used for a skin treatment. Stem cells are isolated from a small amount of autologous fat, which is obtained in a gentle way by means of liposuction with microcannulas. If the patient anyway wishes for body shaping, this skin treatment can be combined with the liposuction.

Madonna would be in the appropriate age for a stem cell therapy of her skin. Even though she is quite lean, it is still possible to obtain enough fat for such a therapy in all patients.

Anyone who wants to delay the natural aging process, like Madonna, is well advised with reaching for natural methods for rejuvenation. Natural methods have a lower health risk; unnatural, mask-like results are avoided.

We hope that owing to the mesotherapy Madonna’s hands are now looking decades younger than it would actually be corresponding to her age. Of course many fans wonder which body parts of their idol will next be subject to “restoration works”. We are curious as well, says

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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