Did Deborra-Lee Furness’ Botox Therapy Fail?

Life as woman a by the side of one of the most sought-after men in Hollywood is probably in principle not always easy, especially if you are, like the 59-year-old Deborra-Lee Furness, several years older than her 46-year-old partner Hugh Jackman. They are already married since 1996, a remarkable joy of love for Hollywood circumstances. It seems like nothing separates them – apart from the difference in age.

At the Global Poverty Project in New York Furness appeared in the public without her husband and attracted all the attention also therefore. In order to look a few years younger, but also to guard against the female competitors who are permanently buzzing around her husband, Deborra-Lee had started a trial with Botox. But apparently her cosmetic surgeon has meant a bit too well – according to promiflash.de you can see that in Deborra-Lee’s face.

Her forehead is now completely smoothened owing to Botox and her cheeks seem upholstered in an unnatural way. Unfortunately the Hollywood actress has even sacrificed her sincere smile to the alleged “Botox fortune”. Just around the eyes there are still likable laugh lines and crow’s feet standing out.

Although Botox is helping in smoothing superficial wrinkles, when used repeatedly it causes a degeneration of cutaneous glands, wherefore skin gets increasingly dryer and therefore is looking older. This vicious circle is often intensified by combination treatments with artificial fillers. Injected fillers such as hyaluronic acid in fact bring back facial volume, but they do not improve the quality of the underlying tissue. Quite the contrary, sometimes unnatural knobs and overdimensioned balloon-like faces develop.

To obtain her natural beauty we recommend Deborra-Lee to completely refrain from Botox and artificial fillers and instead count on more gentle methods of regenerative medicine.

A gentle treatment for rejuvenation of mature skin can be performed with the patient’s own blood (platelet-rich plasma, vampire lifting). Pecious blood platelets are obtained from a small amount of blood. The so-called PRP blood platelets are afterwards injected gently into the skin regions to be regenerated using fine needles. There they release cell growth factors, which cause the rejuvenation of the areas treated.

Alternatively you can directly reach for autologous stem cells out of autologous fat. The natural regenerative effect of stem cells is revitalizing cutaneous tissue and provides a juvenile complexion.

Regeneration therapies with bioidentical hormones are particularly effective. Due to stress and overstrain or simply because of the natural aging process the capacity of the hormonal glands decreases in the course of the years. Externally the hormonal undersupply of the body is especially manifested in tissue slackening, development of wrinkles, and increasing dry skin and thinner hair. When compensating this lack of hormones skin tissue is regenerating and the complexion is getting bright again. Both externally and internally – a successful treatment of hormonal deficiencies can increase resilience and capacity, and the patient can obtain new zest for life and energy.

With the new methods of regenerative medicine Deborra-Lee Furness could have retained her beautiful smile. Because the impact of Botox is only temporary the actress can still decide for more gentle and much more effective treatment methods such as stem cells, PRP blood platelets, and hormones.

Her husband Hugh Jackman, who can, among other films, be seen in X-Man and Les Misérables, would have been more pleased with a treatment that would have left his beloved wife’s facial expression unchanged. But because outward appearances should not change anything in love for each other, even a Botox serum will hopefully not mar the happiness of the two lovers, says

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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