Breast Augmentation in Tight Breasts

A patient who is interested in breast augmentation by lipofilling writes us:

I am strongly interested in breast augmentation with autologous fat. I am relatively young, 21 years old, and my breasts are very tight. My wish is to have two cup sizes more.

Probably pre-stretching of the breasts will be necessary, in particular if the patient asks for a breast augmentation of two cup sizes more. There are several ways to accomplish that:

By wearing a special suction bra which stretches tissue by way of a vacuum more room for the later injected autologous fat can be made, thus allowing for a more extensive enlargement. This pre-treatment should be done for some weeks for 10 to 12 hours a day.

In patients who have problems with the mechanic suction bra as an alternative pre-stretching can be performed with saline solution. Thereby 0.9 percent saline solution is injected into the tight breast tissue whereby the breast is swelling significantly for a short time. By repeating the procedure the tissue becomes loose. More volume can be transferred by fat transfer afterwards.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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